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The Weekly Focus Edition 34

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Indo-China Tensions

The Indo-China Tensions have been going on for a while now. The honourable Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, has urged China and India to resolve the border conflict. In the past, India denied allegations that China made on Indian Troops crossing the border. In fact, The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) spokesperson blamed Chinese Troops for hindering India’s normal petrol.

Recently, a water war broke out between both countries due to China’s plan of creating a mega-dam on the Yarlung Zangbo River which later passes into India known as the Brahmaputra River. Beijing claims, the reason for this dam is for electricity and that it will produce over 60 gigawatts of electricity helping China reach its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral nation by 2060. What concerns India is that there were no water-sharing talks made by Beijing. This dam could stop the Brahmaputra from getting the water it needs to flow.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Vaccine Rollout

Our Covid heroes are working tirelessly to end this horrendous pandemic. The frontline consists of doctors, nurses, medical staff, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, delivery workers, government employees, ambulance drivers and more. The Weekly Focus thanks all tremendously. These people are helping us a lot but many believe that the only way to cure this virus is through a vaccine. India was praised by UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres for its vaccine production. The biggest vaccination campaign in history has begun. Approximately 86.4 million doses have been administered in 60 countries. The latest rate was roughly 4.19 million doses a day on average which is meritorious. The UK government offers vaccines to 15 million residents, healthcare workers and people above the age of 70. Millions of other people have also been given the vaccine. At the same time, Africa is struggling through various organisations and initiatives have secured 900 million doses but that is not enough. These many vaccines will help roughly 30% of the population. However, they have been held back due to lack of funding. Hopefully, other countries, organisations and initiatives can help vaccinate everyone.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Apple hits an all-time record revenue, iPhone 12 is a ‘hit’

Apple announced its quarterly results a few days back and the numbers read impressively. According to a press release written by Apple employees, Apple reached an all-time record of $111.4 billion, which is 21% more than every year. This is the first time that Apple has crossed the $100 billion in a quarter. This growth was because of the new iPhone 12. The iPhone sale contributed to about $65.5 billion. In 2020 in the last quarter, the revenue was 56 billion dollars which is a 17% increase. Regularly Apple does not disclose figures for the sales but the iPhone 12 was a massive hit so it was shared. Even the Mac and iPad generated a lot of profit.

By Krishnav Bubna

  • Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly complained of chest pain and was admitted to the hospital again.

  • ICC trolled Hasan Ali on social media

  • "Had to grip bat with four fingers," said Cheteshwar Pujara on his Gabba knock.

  • A 16-year-old spinner from Nagaland has been invited for trials at Mumbai Indians.

Other News

  • International flights for passengers to be banned till 28th February.

  • The Red Fort has been damaged due to clashes.

  • There is tension at the Singhu Border due to more farmer protests.

  • Mumbai colleges get ready up for the opening and are waiting for confirmation.

Tech News

  • PUBG Mobile is forever banned in India.

  • An Apple watch saved the life of a British cyclist who was caught in a flooded river.

  • A few images and features of the One Plus 9 have been leaked.

  • Apple issues a statement to keep the iPhone 12 away from some medical devices.

The Cousins

Author: Karen M.MacManus

Rating: ★★★★★

Age: 12+

Review: Cousins. A group of relatives supposedly extremely close and secretive with each other; a family of their own. This book does not follow that definition. A monstrous story of a family forced to come together thanks to a rich, elusive grandmother who invites them to work at her island. The cousins, of course, accept, in hopes of getting to her good side. However, turns out this cold woman has a cold side to herself too. On reaching the island, the cousins find out there’s a reason why the family separated, and it’s darker- much darker and older- than they thought. A wondrously good read, mystery wraps itself around the reader, with no hint of light at the end of the passage. Family first, always, right?

By Dia Makhecha

On 24th January 1984, the world saw Apple Inc's Macintosh computer.

On 25th January 1554, the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil was founded.

On 26th January 1482, the Jewish Bible was first printed as a book.

On 27th January 1880, Thomas Alva Edison patented the light bulb.

On 28th January 1933, the name 'Pakistan' was coined for the Muslim subcontinent in India.

On 29th January 1595, 'Romeo and Juliet' was allegedly first performed.

On 30th January 1969, the Beatles played their last live concert.

If you sneeze hard enough, you could fracture a rib.

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

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