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The Weekly Focus Edition 57

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Political Clash in Haiti

Recently, the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated; this caused a political clash for power in the country. Two people claimed rights to the Prime Minister position. Haiti’s interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, says he has taken command of the police and the army, declaring a “state of siege” which has put the country into martial law. However, 2 days before Mr Jovenel died, he appointed Ariel Henry, a neurosurgeon, as Prime Minister. Henry claims to be the rightful Prime Minister. The fight has created a major political crisis that could have abysmal effects. Diplomats and constitutional experts are dreading the fact that the duel could lead to violence, major protests and Haitians fleeing the country. As of now, the situation is chaotic and people are fearing the worst. Let’s hope that the conflict is resolved before any major incidents occur.

Hubble Telescope Problem

Three weeks after research activities were halted due to a malfunction in an internal computer, the Hubble Space Telescope is still flying blind about 540 kilometres above Earth. Nasa experts have been working on repairing the flying observatory which had a malfunction over a decade after it was last fixed. Nasa has completed a test of methods that will be used to reboot the payload computer, which malfunctioned on June 13 and forced all of the science equipment into safe mode. By next week, the process may be tested on the telescope. "Nasa successfully completed a test of protocols for switching Hubble to backup hardware in the event of a payload computer failure. After more preparations and evaluations, this transition might happen next week," said the Hubble Space Telescope crew.

What's next for Federer?

This week, Roger Federer lost in straight sets to Polish Tennis player, Hubert Hurkacz. The 20 time Grand Slam Champion is nearing the end of his long career, and for the first time in 19 years, Federer lost a match in straight sets. A teary-eyed Federer left centre court, in what could be his last ever match. Federer declined any reports of immediate retirement but said he will take the next few days to think about his career and improve. The match against Hubert was the first time in his career he lost a set 6-0. In a hopeful statement, Federer said that his goals are to carry on, but at the same time, he wants to listen to his body. Federer isn't confirmed for the Olympics and said he needs a few days to assess the defeat.

The Weekly Focus View: I feel that Federer has had a long and illustrious career, but at the age of 39, retirement is just around the corner for one of the best if not the best

  • The limited-overs series between India and Sri Lanka will start on 13th July.

  • The Euro 2020 and Copa America finals are set to be played this week.

  • Sergio Ramos has been transferred to PSG.

  • Sri Lanka’s batting coach Grant Flower tests positive for Covid-19.

  • Djockovic and Berrettini will face off in the Wimbledon Finals, also on Sunday.

Other News

  • In a milestone, Giant Pandas are no longer an endangered species, but are still vulnerable, says China.

  • The UK, along with other NATO forces, have confirmed to have withdrawn all forces from Afghanistan.

  • Donald Trump sues Social Media Giants like Facebook and Twitter over his ban on the platforms for the 6th January Capitol Hill attack

  • Legendary Actor Dilip Kumar passes away, aged 98.

  • 233 people killed across over 500 shootings on the American independence Weekend.

Tech News

  • Samsung has increased the prices of most smartphones in India.

  • One Plus Nord 2 will be released on 22nd July.

  • One Plus 6 and 6T will have access to Android 11 through a beta app.

  • There has been one more leak on Windows 11.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

★★★★★ (4.5)

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery

Age rating: 8+

An adaptation of the book series, ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society,’ written by Trenton Lee Stewart, this is a whimsical, enjoyable series perfect for family tv night. With an intriguing plot and brilliant characters, the show gives the viewers a good laugh occasionally as well. The plotline follows four spectacular children, orphans, getting caught up in saving the world instead of going to the top school they applied for. With the perfect dose of suspense, The Mysterious Benedict Society will keep you hooked on with a new episode releasing every Friday. Four episodes are already out as of now, so make sure to catch it streaming on Disney+!

On 4th July 1934, the chain-reaction design for the atom bomb was patented by Hungarian physicist, Leo Szilard.

On 5th July 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in Bellevue, Washington.

On 6th July 2002, Serena Williams beat her older sister Venus Williams to claim her first Wimbledon singles title.

On 7th July 1947, the much-debated Roswell UFO incident occurred.

On 8th July 1497, Vasco De Gama departed on his first voyage reaching India by sea from Europe.

On 9th July 1877, the first-ever Wimbledon commenced.

On 10th July 1991, Boris Yeltsin was elected as the first President of the Russian Federation.

Did you know, Earth is the only planet not named after a god?

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 2 by Krishnav Bubna

Tech and Sports shorts by Krishnav Bubna

Review by Sanaa Dharamshi

This Week in History by Nirvaan Zaveri

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