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The Weekly Focus Edition 14

California Fires

After battling the Coronavirus Pandemic, California is now grappling with the biggest series of wildfires in its history. 4.4 million acres have been burnt to the ground, 12 western states have been affected and entire towns have been burnt. The death count is currently at 8 and increasing. The states of California, Oregon, and Washington are the worst affected. The sky in some places has turned a shade of orange-red due to smoke and ash not allowing sunlight to enter. The worst flames are in Oregon, but there are several wildfires across states that are adding to the growing inferno. Every year around this time, California experiences wildfires at a large scale, and it is popularly known as the wildfire season, but this year it's much worse. This can be attributed to a record heatwave that hit California this summer, overactive lightning storms, and dry forests. Climate change is the deciding factor behind this. As summers for the past ten years have been getting hotter and winters drier, making it a perfect breeding ground for wildfires. Along with that, California had also been suffering droughts which made the situation even worse. The wildfire season is expected to end in 2 months, but the damage will worsen as days pass.

China- The Communist Controversy

China, a rapidly growing superpower located in Asia, is arguably the current most controversial country because of the Trade War with the USA and its military conflict with India. Being one of the most powerful militaries and an economic giant, both wars can affect the world drastically.

The Trade war started with the back and forth tariff [taxes for foreign goods] prices increase by both countries in an immature tit for tat manner in 2018. One of the most recent controversies is the TikTok executive order by American president Donald Trump [further mentioned on The Weekly Focus Edition 13]. The export of soybeans from the USA to China was the backbone of soy plantation farmers since the trade war but now it has been slashed due to extremely high tariff prices.

India and China have accused each other of firing shots in the Himalayas on the LAC [line of actual control] which runs between Kashmir in India and Aksai Chin in China. This started in June where 20 Indian soldiers passed away in conflict. Until recently, both sides have followed a no firearms agreement on the border but now it seems as they are not following it.

China is currently in an economic war and military conflict. Let us see how this will end.

Comment your opinions and predictions down below.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Chandraayan 3

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chandrayaan-3 launch has been postponed from launching in the second half of 2020 to leaving the ground in early 2021. After Chandrayaan-2’s hard landing in September 2019, the ISRO mentioned the plan of their next mission to the moon. Chandrayaan-3 is going to be a mission repeat of Chandrayaan-2 and will include a Lander and Rover almost like that of Chandrayaan-2, but won't have an orbiter. The Chandrayaan-2 was launched on 22nd July 2019 and aimed for the moon's south pole. On 7th September it landed on the moon and officials also confirmed that the orbiter was working all good. The Chandrayaan-1 was their first space vehicle which launched in 2008. Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for the Department of Space quoted "The sign of this finding is that even though the surface of the Moon is known to have iron-rich rocks, it is not known for the presence of water and oxygen, which are the two elements needed to interact with iron to create rust." Scientists at NASA said, "Thus, the Chandrayaan-1 Moon data indicates that the Moon's poles are home to water, this is what the scientists are trying to decipher."

By Krishnav Bubna

News In Short

~ “Oxford put its much-awaited vaccine trials on hold after a volunteer falls sick,” Astra Zeneca stated.

~ NASA is looking for private firms to mine the moon. It will be a part of a technology development program.

~ 8 light tremors were felt in the Maharashtran district of Palghar between the magnitude of 2.2 and 3.6. Earthquake drills will be carried in villages close to the region.

~ Elon Musk loses 16.7 $Billion on Tuesday after Tesla's stocks drop massively.

~ Government issues guidelines to partially reopen some schools for 9-12th grade. The government is yet recommending online learning for the rest of the public.

Markets This Week-

Nifty- 11,464.45 +135.55

Sensex- 38,854.45 +628.35

Teacher's Day Special!

To commemorate teachers around the world for spending time and effort so that we could learn, we have interviewed a hardworking teacher, Mrs Puja Aiyer and a student and friend, Sid.

Q.1- What are your thoughts about school in general?

Mrs Puja Aiyer- School is my second home

Sid- School is fun because it's with friends and some subjects are interesting. Teachers make it more engaging and fun!

Q.2- What are your thoughts about online school? Is it better than traditional learning?

Mrs Puja Aiyer- We need to adjust to every phase of life. I feel this is the new normal and we need to take full advantage of technology and make learning fun and enjoyable. Be it traditional learning or technology-based we need to leave a beautiful imprint of knowledge in every child's mind so that they can cherish it always!

Sid- No, I don't think online school is better than regular school because there are some aspects of the physical school that you can't replicate on the virtual platform. Especially lunch breaks.

Q.3 (For Mrs Puja Aiyer)- As a teacher, do you think your students learn well and pay attention in class?

I have always trusted my learners and know that they will reciprocate my trust by paying attention.

Q.3 (For Sid)- Do you think your teachers have adapted technology and do your teachers teach well?

Yes, I think the teachers have found many other resources and platforms to conduct classes, and every year teachers adapt and become better than last year's teachers!

Q.4 (For Mrs Puja Aiyer)- Being a teacher, do you enjoy your job, or do you feel stressed out, or is it midground?

I have always enjoyed my profession and I can only say it gives me more energy to keep doing for my children!

Q.4 (For Sid) Being a student, do you enjoy school, do you feel the work is overwhelming and do you get tired?

I enjoy school, I don't think the work is overwhelming and my fatigue level depends on the subjects and workload through the day.

Q.5 (For Mrs Puja Aiyer) If you had a long, tiring day, would you answer a genuine doubt asked by a student in the middle of the night?

I have answered it at times, not keeping the time in mind but the query in mind!

Q.5 (For Sid)- If you had a long, tiring day, would you hand in a non-marked assignment requested by a teacher in the middle of the night?

Yes, I would.

Q.6 Lastly, if you could change one thing about school, what would it be?

Mrs Puja Aiyer: I really feel we should have more space for children to play!

Sid: I think they should mix classes before so you get a feel of working with everyone


The Weekly Focus thanks the interviewees for their time and patience.

The Tech Hub!

~ Realme Smartphone Realme 7 is out for sale.

~ Apple iPhone, iPad designers create Apple Face Mask for employees.

~ Apple To Unveil New Watch And iPad On September 15, But No iPhone 12 Yet.

~ Android 11 go is available on Android Phones and will download and launch apps 20% faster.

Apple and Epic Games Ongoing Feud-

Epic Games is an American Video Game company based in North Carolina, USA. On Friday 4th September, Epic Games filed a motion in court asking for a preliminary injunction against Apple asking them to forcefully reinstate Fortnite back on their Appstore. Epic games quoted that playtime and daily usage have reduced 60% because of the games ban on the app-store leaving gamers unable to update the new files, and unable to join the new season (Fortnite chapter 2 season 4- Marvel-based theme). This matter has been going on in court since August. The American court has been unable to settle the matter and the feud will continue until the court settles it.

Mixer Shutdown-

Microsoft shut down Mixer as part of a strategic partnership moving most of its streamers to Facebook Gaming. Vivek Sharma head of Facebook states, “It is up to the streamers and the priorities to join us.” Mixer was an American live-streaming software. They gained attention by signing 2 top streamers- Ninja and Shroud offering them a contract for 2 years. Tyler Belvins (‘Ninja’) and Michael (‘Shroud’) will be released from their contracts worth 10-20 million USD.

Nintendo to launch new Switch

Nintendo is reportedly working on an upgrade for its ‘Switch’ console in a strategic move to steer clear with one of the most wanted and competed consoles for this Winter Season- PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Nintendo firm will be releasing a console along with internal third party games to its portal.

By Arya Gandhi

~ Jonty Rhodes to take over as Sweden's head cricket coach post IPL.

~ "Bring Him Home" Manchester United fans demand Cristiano Ronaldo's return after paying tribute to his century of goals for Portugal.

~ Novak Djokovic disqualified from the US open after accidentally hitting a lineswoman in a fit of anger.

~ Manchester United are making progress on the Jadon Sancho deal.

~ The new IPL schedule is out after all that happened with CSK; with the opener being MI vs CSK on the 19th September but the playoff schedule hasn't been decided.

This Week in History

~On September 5th, 1666, the Great Fire of London, leaving 12,000+ houses destroyed and 8 dead.

~On September 6th, 1620, The Mayflower ship departs Plymouth in search of the new world.

~On September 7th, The Blitz begins, in a fight when the Luftwaffe of Germany bomb the streets of London.

~On September 8th, 1966, Star Trek premiers for the first time on television

~On September 9th, America officially renamed the United States of America from the United Colonies

~On September 10th, 2017, Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida.

~On September 11th, The 9/11 terrorist attacks take place in New York. Over 2,600 people die and many more are injured.

And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

Age rating: 13+

*Note: Younger readers may be able to read this, depending on their maturity level, however, this book includes some violence and frightening content along with mentions of drugs.



A thrilling murder mystery that leaves you bewitched and befuddled.

Review: And Then There Were None is a stand-alone murder mystery delightfully crafted by Agatha Christie and described as her ‘most difficult book to write’. The ending is positively enchanting and most definitely fascinating, surpassing all your thoughts on who the culprit of the murders in the book was. Set on a little island of the coast of Devon, ten strangers find themselves trapped, each one called by an unknown host. One by one, they begin to die, as told in a nursery rhyme hung in each one of their rooms, so who is the killer? Who is the host? Who is the culprit?

By Sanaa Dharamshi

The fact of the Week-

There is no specific time at the South Pole

Joke of the Week-

I waited all night to see the sunrise until it dawned on me


Credits: Dilbert Comics Official

Credits: Garfield comics Official

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited By Nirvaan Zaveri

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Well done Arhaan .. well done guys .. ABWA all the way 👏🏼👍🏼


The Weekly Focus
The Weekly Focus
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Thank you! We appreciate the Feedback!


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Vishaka Zaveri
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