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The Weekly Focus Edition 18

An Idli can change the world

On October 6th, English Historian Edward Anderson took to Twitter to say "Idlis are the most boring thing in the world". As expected, the comment received backlash by Indians and foreigners alike, including MP Shashi Tharoor. But how does this mean something, and can it change the course of The US election?

We've seen it in India, where politicians of the ruling AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu offer "Amma Idlis', named after the Late Chief Minister named J Jayalalitha, nicknamed Mother or 'Amma' as they say in Tamil Nadu. In the lockdown, new idlis named 'Modi Idlis' have emerged in the state by BJP supporters to challenge the ruling party. This tactic was used by Kamala Harris, as she fondly recalls the Idlis her parents used to feed her when she lived in Chennai, India. Her aim is to woo the Indian-American voters living in the so-called 'Swing states' which end up being crucial in every election. Although this tactic has received criticism, it definitely affects the psychology of a voter. If a voter resonates with a candidate's culture, he or she is more likely to vote for them. It becomes a deciding factor for many, and we may do this all unknowingly. Of course, you are not going to decide the fate of the country based on the candidates’ food choices, but it definitely messes with your psychology and could prove decisive.

The Soviet Era Mess

After years of trying to reach global power and influence, Russia is losing its power even when it comes to nearby countries. Russia has failed to live up to its predecessor USSR and things have gone downhill ever since for the country. With several uprisings in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, a planned poisoning which received worldwide backlash and even an ongoing war between two of its neighbours hasn't helped Russia. Russia was one of the only countries to support President Lukashenko over his win in the elections, despite his pleas and threats Vladamir Putin hasn't been able to stop the ongoing clashes which have resulted in the loss of 300 people's lives between Armenian Ethnic tribes and Troops from Azerbaijan. Russia has even lost its title as the second-largest military and is lagging behind in terms of military, economy and infrastructure to various other countries,

Amazon Crisis

The Amazon rainforest is on the verge of becoming a permanent Grassland

Researchers have said that the Amazon rainforest is on the verge of switching into a savannah due to climate changes. This research was mainly done for sustainable development and environmental issues. Based on data analysis “In around 40% of the Amazon, the rainfall is now at a level where the forest could exist in either state — rainforest or savannah, according to our findings” the leader of the research group said. This is because some parts of the rainforest are receiving different amounts of rain. Rainforests are very sensitive to the change of rainfall and also moisture levels. This process of becoming a savannah will take a few decades but once it starts it will be very hard to reverse. This year the rainforest suffered the worst fires which are 61% more than last year. The conversion of rainforest to grassland will make a huge impact on the flora and fauna.

By Krishnav Bubna

Other News

~ The Vice Presidential Debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence took place this week. The debate was much more civil compared to the presidential debate.

~ Mumbai Robotic startup Emotix raises 13.3 crores, mainly funded by Chiratae ventures.

~ Donald Trump can resume public life by 10th October says his doctors. He earlier stated in an interview that he was feeling great and planned to make the drug that cured him free for all Americans.

~ Differently abled and cancer patients are now allowed to travel on the Mumbai Local train line.

To see the latest edition of IPL Analyzed, Click Here.

~ After all, teams play 7 matches in IPL there will be a mid-season transfer window for 5 days and any player who has played 2 or lesser matches for his franchise is considered.

~ Hyderabad’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Delhi's Amit Mishra, and Kolkata’s Ali Khan all ruled out of IPL due to injuries.

~ Babita Phogat quits as sports deputy director to pursue ‘active politics’

~ Indian men’s and women’s boxers to travel to Italy and France for training and competition

~ 13 people were arrested over the planned kidnapping of Michigan Governor in the US.

Fortnite Vs IOS

Since all of you know that Fortnite got kicked off the app store it has raged havoc since many people have filed lawsuits against apple or epic. The judge thought that this was a pretty hard case so they told them they needed some time and now the next lawsuit in court will be in July 2021. Epic even gave the numbers to apple that about 60% of people have left the ios app store and joined the galaxy store or some other stores instead of apple and google play.

~ 2 of the most played games rogue company and rocket league have officially gone free

Fortnite Season leaks

A free star wars themed glider could be available in an upcoming game mode. The battle pass might be updated by Tony Stark himself. Midas is coming back with a gold scar as a mythic boss. Corrupted legends pack is getting a corrupt rarity. The pink Ghoul Trooper and the purple Skull Trooper are coming back. The Galactus skin may come out soon.

By Panav Choksi. To check out his YouTube Channel Click Here.

Tech Hub

~ OnePlus Nord N10 5G series reportedly launching soon

~ Oppo A15 Camera Details Teased on Amazon India Ahead of Launch

~ Microsoft says the app store should be more competitive.

Review of The Week:

Enola Holmes (Netflix)

Directed by Harry Bradbeer


Genre: Mystery

Age rating 12+ (Includes some violence, flexible rating)

If you haven’t already seen it, Enola Holmes is a captivating and enriching movie you should watch. It’s a beautiful and rather carefree mystery that is perfect for family movie night. While it isn’t as hooking as Sherlock,(Netflix series) it adds a rather touching perspective with a modern feminist view, a warmhearted mother-daughter relationship, and a hint of romance. The movie is a different take on ‘The Case of the Missing Marquess,’ the first book in the Sherlock franchise, and does it justice differently, but wonderfully. I will add, if you do plan to watch the film simply for the intellectual, mystery aspect, you may be a tad bit disappointed* as it focuses more on Enola’s journey. However, I personally rather enjoyed the fresh feel it left me and quite loved the movie! So I definitely recommend it for those of you wondering whether it is worth the time. Just give it a try and hopefully, you’ll love it too.

By Sanaa Dharamshi

*If you are looking for a straight-laced mystery with all it’s fun, check out Knives Out or Now You See Me.

On 4th October 1537, the first English translation of the Bible was completed.

On 5th October 1864, 60000 people were killed in a cyclone which struck Calcutta (now Kolkata).

On 6th October 1939, Adolf Hitler proposed his plan to resolve the 'Jew problem'.

On 7th October 1919, the oldest existing airline, Royal Dutch Airline, was established.

On 8th October 1871, the Great Chicago Fire broke out which continued for more than 24 hours and killed 250 people.

On 9th October 2006, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea conducted its first nuclear test.

On 10th October 1957, Ho Chi Minh set foot in Hanoi after the withdrawal of the French troops.

The fact of The Week:

An estimated 50% of all gold ever mined on Earth came from a single plateau in South Africa: Witwatersrand.

Joke of The Week:

Q: How are a cat and a sentence different?

A: A cat has claws at the end of its paws; a sentence has a pause at the end of its clause!


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Play fast! The deadline is tonight.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

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