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The Weekly Focus Edition 19

US Election

The election is just over 2 weeks away, and both candidates are expected to ramp up their campaigning in the next few days. So far, in the polls, Joe Biden has a steady lead over current president Donald Trump, and most people think it's going to stay that way. But then again, no one would have thought Donald Trump would be sitting in the White House 4 years back, and surprised all Democrats with a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton. Both candidates dodged questions while being interviewed, as Trump refuses to give clarity on whether he got tested before the first debate, and Biden seemed unsure about his plans for the Supreme Court if he gets elected. What many say was the deciding factor of the 2016 elections, which was when Hillary Clinton's private email server was detected to have contacts with unknown and dangerous people, mindsets of some voters changed. Similar to last time, a news report by the New York Post showed pictures of Hunter Biden (Joe Biden's son) in contact with a Ukrainian energy company. Joe Biden has claimed the document is false, and social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have taken it off for 'violating personal rights by hacking'.

Europe's Second Wave

Europe battles a huge second wave of infections, dwarfing the daily cases of the first wave. This resulted in countries moving back into partial lockdowns. Night curfews have been imposed in 9 cities in France, including Paris. Germany and the UK have followed and imposed restrictions on the number of people that can attend gatherings. Europe was the second continent after Asia experience the dangers of SARS-COV-2. After successfully containing the virus, people forgot their responsibilities and common sense leading to a massive second wave.

The Coral Crisis

The largest coral reef in the world the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has lost half of its corals in the past three decades. The researchers have observed that the coral numbers have declined massively since 1995. "We measured changes in colony sizes because population studies are important for understanding demography and the corals' capacity to breed," said one of the researchers. The decline has taken place in deep and shallow waters and the corals were affected highly by the triggered temperatures in 2016 and 2017. This took place underwater where many other species also live; it affected survival and breeding of other creatures underwater. The scientists said that better data on the trends of corals is required. Everyone thinks that the Great Barrier Reef is protected because of its huge size but that is mistaken, its system has declined. Climate change has also largely affected the population of corals in Australia. Another reason the population declined was due to the record-breaking temperature earlier this year.

By Krishnav Bubna

News in Short

~ After weeks of protesting, Kyrgyzstan's newly elected President resigns saying he "doesn't want to go down as the president who shed blood and shot at his citizens."

~ The Agency behind K-Pop band BTS shatters the record books with an outstanding $4 billion Initial Public Offering.

~ US Supreme Court continuously questions Amy Coney Baret, the Chief Justice nominee who, if selected, will be the first Mother of school-age children to be in the Supreme Court.

~ Mexican man opens his house to 300 dogs to provide shelter from a hurricane in the area.

~ The first Chicken Nugget makes its way into space; Twitter calls it the best news in 2020.

The Tech Hub

~ Amazon and Flipkart announce festive sales on various brands and products

~ Apple releases the features of the iPhone 12: to be 5G compatible and has a mini version as well.

~ In India, Coolpad’s Cool 6 with a pop-up selfie camera has been launched.

~ Apple also launches Homepod and Homepod mini, rival to Google nest and Alexa.

To watch the Latest Edition Of IPL Analyzed, Click Here.

~ Dinesh Karthik steps down as KKR Captain mid-season, Eoin Morgan to lead.

~ Football star Christiano Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19.

~ Sunil Narine’s suspected illegal bowling action resulted in reports against him.

~ Delhi's Anrich Nortje bowled the fastest ball in IPL history vs RR with a speed of 156.22 kmph.

Review of The Week

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Rating: ★★★★

Age limit: 10+

Genre: Legal drama; Fiction; Children’s books

Blurb: He dreams of being a great trial lawyer, of a life in the courtroom. ... Because he knows so much - maybe too much - he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial. A cold-blooded killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth


“Most of his classmates dreamed of getting tickets to the big game or concert. Theodore Boone lived for the big trials.”

John Grisham’s ‘Theodore Boone’ speaks of law, friendship, and the longing, dragging suspense of murder gone right- a little too right. Merely 13 years old himself, this hilarious, heartwarming boy, Theodore, finds himself in a fix- one that he technically always wished for, just ten years too early. Grisham involves law- a job stapled to be boring and long- in an investing manner through the constant looping chapters. I truly believe, whether you wish to pursue law or not, no matter your age, this book will leave you with a lasting, curious impression of what writing exhibits at its best.

By Dia Makhecha

Comment books or movies you want to be reviewed down below!

~ In the latest Fortnite update, the range and damage of Combat shotguns received improvement. Galactus’s presence increases on the map and Fortnite gets ready to celebrate Fortnitemares, the annual Halloween themed mode.

~ Sony shares a new video revealing a few more details regarding the PS5.

~ Some XBOX games have been announced as the release of the new XBOX Series X looms around the corner.

~ Epic Games and Nintendo announce a special Fortnite themed Switch, including graphics of various popular skins such as Skull Trooper, Peely and more.

~ On 11th October 1939, Albert Einstein notified president Franklin Roosevelt of the prospects of an atomic bomb.

~ On 12th October 1999, the six billionth living human was born.

~ On 13th October 1884, Greenwich was established as a prime meridian.

~ On 14th October 1322, Scotland led by Robert the Bruce gained freedom after defeating King Edward II of England.

~ On 15th October 1993, the Nobel peace prize was awarded to Nelson Mandela and South African president F.W. de Clerk.

~ On 16th October 1978, Karol Wojtyla, a Polish Cardinal, elected John Paul II as the Pope.

~ On 17th October 1987, the first International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was celebrated after more than a hundred thousand people gathered to respect the victims of extreme poverty, violence and hunger.

The Fact of the Week

Polish is spoken more in Ireland than Irish!

Joke of the Week

Q: Where are average things manufactured?

A: The Satisfactory!


Credits: Dilbert Comics Official

Credits: Garfield Comics Official

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Designed by Sanaa Dharamshi

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