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The Weekly Focus Edition 2

Importance Of Mental Health

Mental Health is as important as physical health, maybe even more so. Earlier this week we saw a bright young actor caught in the chains of mental depression. This is sad not only because of what happened, but it was also

disheartening because his depression could have been helped. Sometimes, even the most advanced medicines and procedures are of no use, but a simple laugh or time spent with a loved one can save both you and them from lots of pain. So, reach out to a friend or get in touch with a

relative, as you may not know it, but even a small act of kindness can make a very big difference.

India China Border Conflict

Earlier this week, China and India engaged in a border skirmish at the Galwan valley.

Rising tensions between the two giants have further escalated. The Indian Army has lost 20 soldiers, and the Chinese government has stated they have also suffered casualties but they have not specified a number. However, according to the Indian Army, the Chinese have lost 43 men. India and China share a border over 2300 kilometres long, and these tensions began when thousands of Chinese troops forced their way into Ladakh, a part of India.

Equality Protests in the USA

Protests escalated in the US as an African American man named Rayshard Brooks was

shot dead by a US policeman. He was fleeing from the police in a car park. The policeman now faces murder charges.

Nike is the latest company to join the wave of companies supporting the move to make 'Juneteenth', the day slavery was abolished in the state of Texas, an official paid holiday. They are doing this to commemorate and celebrate black culture.

Markets this week (18/6/20)

Other News

- The drug Dexamethasone is being touted as our hope in the battle against COVID-19, showing promise in tests.

- Zoom communications has grown 250% in 2020 and is now valued at 67.43 Billion dollars.

This company is now valued more than Uber and Unilever.

- Earlier this week, astronauts spotted a unique emerald green glow around the planet Mars.

- Beijing has reported a new spike of COVID-19 cases with 137 new cases reported during the past 6 days.

This Week in History!

-On June 16th 1963, Valentina Tereshkova from the Soviet Union became the first woman cosmonaut in space. She went aboard Vostok 6, and spent 71 hours in there, completing 48 orbits before returning. Up until that day, she had spent more time in space compared to all US astronauts combined.

-On 17th June 2008, Boston Celtics beat LA Lakers in the NBA finals. Kobe Bryant was awarded MVP of the season.

Fact of the Week!

Did you know? Snails have 14,000 teeth, and some of them can even kill humans!

Special Book review!

To Kill a Mockingbird 

-Harper Lee

‘Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort, to be themselves. ’ -Atticus Finch,

During times like these, where people across the world are revolting at the inequality amongst races, a must-read classic is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ published in 1960, written by Harper Lee. This novel is told through the eyes of a mere child, Jean ‘Scout’ Finch, to explore how the racism and lifestyle in a small town affects her innocence, and how she grows up through it all, barely understanding what was happening at the time. It then delves into justice, when a black man goes on trial, with the accusation of him raping a white woman, and we get a glance at the discrimination at the time, much of which still exists. 

According to Common Sense Media:

Age Rating 12+

5/5 ★★★★★

This Week's Weather Forecast!

This Week in Mumbai, we can expect a high of 32 degrees Celsius and a low of 26 degrees Celsius. For the weekend, heavy showers are expected, accompanied by thunderstorms. The Monsoon is finally grabbing hold of our city, Mumbai. Over Monday and Tuesday, light Showers and cloudy skies are expected. On Wednesday we will see some sun along with clouds, but after that, it's grey skies, thunderstorms and lots of rain up till Friday.

Credits: Accuweather

Joke of the week

A man got hit on the head with a can of Coke. Don't worry though, it was a Soft Drink!


Credits: Garfield Comics official

Credits: Dilbert comics official

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