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The Weekly Focus Edition 26

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Vaccine Rollout

This week, the UK became the first country to approve a vaccine for the public. Pfizer and BioNtech's vaccine is currently being produced and British citizens should have access to it in less than 5 days now. Pfizer's vaccine had a 95% success rate and it has finally been approved after wide speculation. Many more countries are expected to do the same in the coming days. Some predict the world could have a vaccine even before the end of the year. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the vaccine may be available in just a few weeks for India. Many buildings in Mumbai are being converted to store the vaccine because the vaccine can only be stored in ultra-cool places or else it may lose its efficiency.

Whatsapp Updates

Currently, Whatsapp is releasing new features every month. This happens via updates. To alert users about new features Whatsapp is planning to make a feature for making in-app announcements. The terms and services are also changing in 2021. The announcement would be in the form of an app banner and not a chat message. WhatsApp is going to change in the coming months, but we can't pin down what is coming and what is not. This banner will redirect users to the website or external links. There is a report in which there is a screenshot of the new terms of service. There are also other new updates to come- Whatsapp processes your data and how Facebook can use their Whatsapp chats. These new features and terms of service will be in use from the 8th of February 2021.

By Krishnav Bubna

Australia China Feud

*Warning* Disturbing Content.

On Monday, a huge diplomatic dispute between Australia and China commenced. The Chinese government tweeted a ‘doctored’ image with an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child which enraged Prime Minister Scott Morrison and he demanded an apology from Beijing.

However, the heat between the two countries started long ago in 2017 when Australia banned political donations due to reports of Chinese ‘influence’ in Canberra. Canberra also banned Chinese tech giant Huawei from its 5G network a year later. Relations severely deteriorated when Australia called for an inquiry into the origin of Covid-19.

Furthermore, Australia’s difference of opinion in Hong Kong matters spiked China’s anger. In the previous month, the Chinese Government Spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated, “They have repeatedly made wrong statements and actions on issues concerning China’s core interests.” At the same time, Australia’s participation in the quad, an informal group consisting of the USA, India and Japan, was not liked by China. China called it a US-led attempt to make an Asian NATO. All of this resulted in China curbing its beef import from Australia in May. Additionally, China increased tariffs totalling to 80.5% on Australian grown barley. China accounts for a staggering 35% of Australia’s total trade which has led some to believe in the possibility of an all-out trade war. The tensions now have been verballed and Australia is backed by the United States of

America, New Zealand and many other allies. This could end up badly which is why it should be resolved soon.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Other News

  • China is now the second country to place its flag onto the moon after an unmanned space probe placed the flag.

  • Russia stated that they have vaccinated over 100,000 people already with their Sputnik V vaccine.

  • Biden announces he will include Dr Anthony Fauci on his Covid-19 medical team.

  • US President Donald Trump hints he will run for the presidency again in 2024 if results don't go his way this year.

  • The Pakistan Cricket team has 2 more members infected by Covid-19.

  • Lionel Messi’s tribute to Maradona cost him a 600 euros fine.

  • Postponing the Australian Open 2021 could deal $100 million loss to tennis in Australia.

  • Team India was asked to pay customs duty after winning the Chess olympiad.

  • India lost the ODI series versus Australia 2-1.

Tech News

  • Vivo manufactures its slimmest 5G phone, V20 Pro, in India.

  • Sony may launch the PS5 Pro with double GPUs to compete against the XBOX Series X.

  • Apple is forced to include a charger in the iPhone box in Brazil.

  • iPhone 8 through iPhone 11 can now support HD Facetime calls.

Divergent Series

Author: Veronica Roth

Rating: ★★★★★

Age: 13/14+

Blurb: (four books)

Review: A stunning collection of novels, Veronica Roth’s original Divergent trilogy and her fourth book, Four, has got the world wrapped around its pages. Following the life of sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior, Roth pulls in the reader from the very first chapter with the books out of the ordinary setting, exceptional descriptions and always ongoing drama with conflict, family, love, and of course getting through life. It would be taboo to give away even a hint of what this renown series holds in its gold covers. I highly recommend this to everyone- be it a book lover, a gamer, a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, this book is perfect in all senses. However, there can be some intimate scenes and so I recommend being older than the above-mentioned ages.

By Dia Makhecha

On 29th November 2008, the terrorist attack in Mumbai was ended by the National Security Guards.

On 30th November 2017, a rainbow which lasted for 8 hours 58 minutes became the world's longest recorded rainbow.

On 1st December 1934, Joseph Stalin uses the assassination of mayor Sergey Kirov as an excuse to begin the Great Purge.

On 2nd December 1982, the first artificial heart was planted in a human being.

On 3rd December 1989, the presidents of the Soviet Union and the USA declared the cold war over.

On 4th December 1791, the first Sunday newspaper in the world was published, Britain's Observer.

On 5th December 1945, a squad of 5 bombers and 14 airmen were lost while flying over the Bermuda Triangle.

The Idea of Doritos was originally born from the leftover tortillas at Disneyland.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

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