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The Weekly Focus Edition 27


The event when England left the European Union or EU is known as Brexit. Brexit was short for Britain's Exit. In the early 1970s, the UK had a rocky time with the EU, constantly leaving and joining as if in a game. With a long history, the United Kingdom finally left on 31st January. Both sides of the EU and UK made a few arrangements and vowed to keep trade the same for 11 months. However, the time is running out and the UK prime-minister Boris Johnson stated that there is a strong possibility the UK might fail to strike a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

Many of the deals between the EU and the UK before and for these eleven months were reduced. Without the deals, the prices of many essential items and goods the countries are dependent on each other for will sky-rocket. However, both countries have stable economies and small companies so the underprivileged would be affected

drastically by these tariffs. Furthermore, this pandemic has affected many people financially, with increased prices the public could face some economic problems.

At the same time, Brexit had many defence deals on airline safety and information on security threats. Without some help, safety could be at risk as in most scenarios information is key. Additionally, medical deals were made, with new viruses and flu medical assistance and collaborations could help solve epidemics.

However some cons the UK parliament would think this true and if they think its best it should happen.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Secrets In Our Galaxy?

Scientists have been closely studying our galaxy for many years. The Milky Way is a complex cluster of stars with many secrets veiled. One of the most interesting discoveries that have been made is the detection of Fermi Bubbles. A Fermi Bubble is a bubble that contains charged particles or plasma. Two Fermi Bubbles were discovered spewing close to the core of the Milky Way. These 25000 light-year bubbles were located in 2010 and have been closely eyed by many scientists since. However, the pair of bubbles can only be seen in the presence of gamma rays which is why they remain a mystery to mankind.

Recently, something queer was observed by the eROSITA telescope. Two even larger blobs of gas were discovered, this time visible in X rays. The data retrieved from the eROSITA telescope shows a faintly visible bubble previously unknown and another twin bubble. Earlier in the year, there was a sighting of an X-ray arc but the lack of symmetry led some to neglect the possibility of X-ray bubbles. However, the new information has proved the existence of these X-ray bubbles and there is speculation that the Gamma-ray bubbles (Fermi Bubbles) are nested inside the newly discovered bubbles.

It is unclear what is really going on in our galaxy but scientists are determined to unravel the secrets of the Milky Way. Further research may explain this perplexing phenomenon so all we can do is wait for another baffling discovery about the bubbles. We hope this peculiar occurrence will be explained clearly soon.

By Nirvaan Zaveri

Vaccine Updates

The first doses of Pfizer were given this week in the UK. The Pfizer vaccine was earlier approved to be given to all citizens of the UK, with priority given to the elderly, front line workers and people with comorbidities. Meanwhile, the UAE became the first country to approve a Chinese vaccine. China has deemed the vaccine safe and may soon start vaccinating the population. Pfizer has seen approval for its vaccine in many countries including India, although the price and availability of the Pfizer vaccine may not be entirely suitable to a country like India. Canada has also approved the vaccine for people aged above 16. The pandemic is nearing its end, with multiple high-efficiency vaccines to be made available soon. Experts say we may return to complete normalcy by March.

Other News

~ UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson mistakenly confuses ongoing farmer's protests with an Indo-Pak issue, clarifies.

~ Joe Biden pledges he will have 100 million Covid-19 vaccines available in the first 100 days of his presidency.

~ The Indian Government announced the construction of a brand new Parliament building, released plans and designs.

~ Indian Markets soared as Nifty and Sensex reached an all-time high, with Senex surpassing 46,000.

Tech News

~ Google releases most searched words for 2020 in India, "Indian Premier League" tops the lists.

~ US Government, 48 more states sue Facebook over the charge of 'Buying out competitors (Instagram, WhatsApp) and seek the companies to be separated’.

~ Google is planning to introduce a 'Look to speak' feature which could allow users to speak with their facial expressions.

~ Amazon might invest 740 crores in India's Apollo Pharmacies.

~ KFC Big Bash officially begins in Australia.

~ India clinched the T20 series against Australia 2-1.

~ Barcelona played Juventus as two greats of the game, Messi and Ronaldo clashed for the first time since Ronaldo's exit from Madrid. Juventus later beat Barcelona 3-0.

~ Parthiv Patel announced his retirement from international cricket in a message he released on Twitter.

~ Legendary Italian Footballer Paolo Rossi dies.

The Office

Directed by: Randall Einhorn (most episodes)

Rating: ★★★★

Age: 14+

Genre: Comedy

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Review: In the words of Michael Scott, this movie series- dare I say documentary- “ takes an advanced sense of humour that I don’t expect everybody to understand.” Based in the gushing town of Scranton, PA, The Dunder Mifflin Paper company is your normal paper company but monitored and recorded. Each character and their usual, twisted lives holds myriad importance in this show and can be compared to very-day-life here on Earth. Dunder Mifflin is led by Michael Scott, a silly, comedic man, who makes life at the Office feel like anything but that. The company, throughout the years, is filled with ups and downs, new characters, and aspiring actors who are now known worldwide. However, this show holds scenes not fit for a younger audience, including, at some minimum points, nudity. Therefore, I highly recommend watching it but only once you have crossed the age limit.

By Dia Makhecha.

On 6th December 2006, NASA released photographs taken by a satellite showing the possibility of water in the liquid form on Mars.

On 7th December 1965, the ex-communications that led to the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church were mutually lifted by the Pope and Patriarch.

On 8th December 1941, the USA and the UK entered World War II after declaring war on Japan.

On 9th December 1868, the concept of traffic lights was first used in the Palace of Westminster, London.

On 10th December 1901, the first Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded to Jean Henri Dunant and Frederic Passy.

On 11th December 1946, UNICEF was established.

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Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited By Nirvaan Zaveri

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