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The Weekly Focus Edition 3

Impact of Technology in a Pandemic

Ever since we have been quarantined, we have used the internet for tasks we normally wouldn't use it for. As said by the American Author David Pelzer, "Something good comes out of every crisis." This crisis can be seen as an opportunity as well. Tech, Social Media and Networking companies have seen a prominent boom in users due to this crisis, as seen in the table below, which shows the change in the number of users before COVID and now, during this crisis.

As we can clearly infer from this table, our dependency on technology has increased

significantly. Education centres, workplaces, interactions with loved ones and even court hearings are taking place online now. Ever since we invented the Internet, our life has become considerably easier, but is this a blessing or a curse in disguise? Overuse of the Internet has also proven to be horrible. Social Media is a major cause of mental health ailments, Cyber safety concerns loom

over many common apps we use, and our eyes get strained from staring at a screen for too long. If we use the internet wisely, it will benefit us greatly, but on the contrary, the misuse of the internet can lead to devastation, and it is a huge threat to our privacy and well being.

The Second Wave

With most countries now open to an extent, there have been multiple second waves in many countries. South Korea reported a spike of infections nearly 3 months after their

daily cases have risen above 60. Germany found that numerous new cases were all traced down to a single meat factory, making it a major hotspot. But the worst of all is the USA, with multiple states including Arizona, Texas, Florida and California reporting record highs. Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the US that it has already been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and it is facing a dangerous new surge in cases in multiple states. Many experts think the US opened up too soon, and pictures in Florida show no measures like social distancing and wearing a mask are taking place.

Privatisation of Space Exploration in India

On Thursday, ISRO (The Indian Space Research Organisation) allowed the private sector to expand and conduct Space Research, build and launch rockets, satellites, and partner up with ISRO on Inter-Planetary missions. This opens a realm of possibilities on India's

space knowledge. Elon Musk clearly proved that even private companies can safely send a human into space, which means some companies have the potential to explore space to depths where even the government organisations have failed. To be one of the companies or startups exploring space, you need to apply at ISRO's INSPACe, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation centre. This could possibly be the start of a whole new era.

Other News

  • 2 COVID Centres in Dharavi shut down because of the lack of cases.

  • UK PM Boris Johnson has announced a reduction to the gap of Social Distancing in the UK from 2 metres to 1 metre.

  • Liverpool beat Manchester City and lift the Premier League title with no spectators watching.

  • Novak Djokovic and Jelena Djokovic tested positive for coronavirus upon arriving at his destination after Croatia, where he had organised and participated in a tennis tournament.

  • A Pharmaceutical company known as Glenmark received permission to sell the COVID drug Favipiravir in India.

  • An Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 struck Southern Mexico, and tremors were felt in the capital, Mexico City.

  • President Donald Trump suspends H-1B visas which allow foreigners to work in America.

  • Patanjali's Baba Ramdev launches a new medicine for coronavirus, calls it Coronil. He claims it has a 100% track record of curing patients in a week or even lesser, but it is yet to be proven.

Markets this week

Sensex- 34,842 599.55

Nifty- 10,288 128.3

This Week In History

~ On June 21st, 1887, Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee of 50 years on the throne of England. She is the first British Monarch to achieve this feat!

~ On the same day in 1970, Brazil lifted the FIFA world cup for the third time in history, and Pele becomes the only player in history till date to lift three FIFA World Cups.

~ On June 23rd, 2016 Britain votes to leave the European Union, commonly known as "Brexit".

~ On 25th June, India lifted the world cup in 1983 with Kapil Dev being the captain.

This Week's Weather Forecast

This week the Weather looks like the Southwestern monsoon has finally settled in, with

thunderstorms appearing almost everyday. The high for the week is 33 degrees and the low, 27. We can expect thunderstorms on Friday and through the weekend as well, followed by some sun and some clouds on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Showers expected on Wednesday and Thunderstorms on Thursday.

Credits: Accuweather.

Fact Of The Week!

In 1939, Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Swedish politician!

Joke of the week

How do you make a Dragon angry?

You ask him to blow out a candle!


Credits: Dilbert Comics Official

Credits: Garfield Comics Official

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sara gupta
sara gupta
Jun 26, 2020

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