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The Weekly Focus Edition 32

Donald Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump or the President of The United States of America was impeached by The House of Representatives for the second time this time charged with ‘incitement of insurrection’ just a week after the Capitol mayhem (to know more about the capitol riot read here ). Due to the Capitol violence and Trump’s role in it the House voted on the impeachment 232-197 wanting Trump impeached. 10 republicans (Trump’s Party) joined the Democrats (opposition) holding Trump accountable for the Capitol violence. With Biden’s inauguration less than a week away and Trump’s end to his term, impeachment shows

how desperate the House is to remove him. The charges are justified due to Donald Trump’s speech instigating Capitol violence and mayhem. Famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a message to the people through his YouTube channel talking about the violence in America and relating it to violence his family experienced before they immigrated to the US from Austria; He spoke about how proud

boys who were rioting in the capitol are nazi equivalents and we quote him “President Trump is a failed leader, He will go down in history as the worst President ever.”

By Arhaan Zaveri

Vaccine Rollout in India

The Pan-India vaccine rollout will begin today, 16th January 2021. The government has released a specific plan on the rollout. Starting at over 3000 centres, the government plans to increase this number to 5000 centres in 2 weeks, and 12,000 centres in the coming months. The government is primarily using 2 vaccines, The Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine and Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN. Elderly and front liners are enlisted to get the vaccine first, followed by the public. The government has launched a massive pro-vaccine campaign to encourage everyone to take the vaccine. The government plans to vaccinate over 30 crore Indians by July, and that will be a massive task considering India’s population. We can expect to have the vaccine in late 2021 or early 2022.

The New One Plus Band- What is it?

The One Plus Band is one of the only devices today to have a SpO2 monitor. It is also the company's first wearable device. It has 13 exercise modes including yoga and cricket. It also has a sleeping monitor and can track a person’s health very well. Like all smart bands, it is compatible with your phone and you can receive all the notifications and you can also control the music on your phone. The band comes with a battery life of 14 days when it is fully charged. There are a variety of watch faces you can choose from and also dual strap options, it also has adjustable brightness and an AMOLED display. Users can purchase the Navy and Tangerine Gray strap options as well. This device is also dust and water-resistant. The sale went live on Amazon and Flipkart on the 14th of January 2021. The price of the band is 2,499 rupees and the straps are 399 separately.

  • Another upset for India as Saina Nehwal knocked out of the Thailand Open.

  • Manchester United overcome the Liverpool Hurdle and are now on the top of the Premier League table.

  • Labushange scores a century as Australia end the day at 274 for 5.

  • Earlier this week, Hanuma Vihari and Ravichandran Ashwin secured a historic draw under injury, abuse and sledging.

Tech News

  • A prototype of Xiaomi’s foldable phone was leaked in spy photos.

  • Netflix Testing Spatial Audio Support for AirPods Pro, AirPods Max: Report.

  • Apple India announces a new cashback offer on orders over Rs 44,900.

  • The Indian government will possibly ask Whatsapp why its new privacy policy is applied to India and not Europe rather than both.

Other News

  • Delhi experiences its coldest winter morning with a mere 2 degrees Celsius.

  • President-Elect Joe Biden reveals a 1.9 trillion $ Economic relief package days before his inauguration.

  • The WHO warns that the second year of the pandemic could be much worse than the first.

  • US President Donald Trump condemns rioters, says “No true supporter of mine would ever endorse political violence.”

  • Indonesia suffers an Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2, kills 7.


Rating: ★★★

Age: All

Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

Review: Suitable for all ages, Soul takes you through an emotional and spiritual wreck through the life of an adult man, also a high school music teacher, and a jazz musician himself, who dreams to do more with his life- and on his way to one of the possible “golden opportunities”, he falls down a sewer. Joe Gardner finds himself stranded- but without his body- in a land full of souls. Seeing how grey and dull his life has become, Joe tries coming back to Earth- and he does, but in a form, he would never have expected and with a companion, he’d rather leave behind. Though this is rather slow-moving at the beginning, it is enriching and delightful to watch with the whole family.

On 10th January 49 BC, Julius Caesar caused a civil war which lead to his Roman dictatorship.

On 11th January 1922, insulin was first used to treat diabetes.

On 12th January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi initiated his final fast.

On 13th January 1943, Adolf Hitler publicly declared war on the allied forces.

On 14th January 1898, the first out of the ground six in a test match was hit.

On 15th January 2001, Wikipedia was launched.

On 16th January 1412, the title of the official banker of the papacy was given to the Medici family.

Butterflies Taste With Their Feet!

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited By Nirvaan Zaveri

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