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The Weekly Focus Edition 36

India and China:

Finally, the tensions between India and China are breaking slowly. Recently, the People’s Republic of China’s defence ministry has announced that the troops at the border have begun to, “disengage simultaneously”. This ray of sunshine in a dark conflict was announced on Wednesday by the Chinese defence ministry spokesperson Wu Qian. Over the past few months multiple talks have occurred to disengage the troops due to the inhabitable and inhospitable temperatures in the freezing mountains. There was an instance of a minor face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers at the Sikkim border. This conflict has been going on for a huge time and it has seen trade bans, app bans, border conflicts, citizens detained and talks. This news is great as peace is always better than war. Instead of war, neighbouring countries should focus on trade and partnership. The Weekly Focus hopes that India and China agree on a peaceful solution and a great partnership.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Next-Gen Consoles

The PS5 is very hard to find and many people are blaming Sony. However, it's not their fault. The pandemic has affected the production . The pandemic has also made the PS5 even more famous. PS5’s processing and gaming feels much better than PS4. In simple words, there is a lot of demand but less supply. Sony built a hype lasting months over the PS5, and is now unable to meet the demand it has created. The Xbox Series X’s hardware is comparatively better than that of the PS5’s. The Xbox Series X has next-gen updates, faster load times, teraflops of power, and ray tracing. The switch is a single mass device which has now been there for a while. Nintendo controls everything from the graphics to the design and also the different kinds of games.

By Krishnav Bubna

Covid-19 Updates-

Multiple new Covid-19 cases emerged this week, with new variants rocking the world. Many studies have emerged stating the dangerous effects of the variants. Some say the vaccines will shield us from these variants, while some scientists disagree. The CEO of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soriot stated that the Oxford vaccine was ‘not perfect, but still great’. Oxford’s vaccine is one of the main vaccines supplied to India, with Indian vaccine giant Serum Institute producing the vaccines. It is said Oxford’s vaccine shields us from the UK variant, the one which has spread around the world now. An expert from the UK even predicted that the Kent variant will sweep the world, and the Covid-19 battle will last a decade.

Other News-

  • UK News Agency BBC gets banned in China, UK condemns the move and calls it ‘unacceptable’.

  • Protests in Myanmar escalate, cries to free Aung San Suu Kyi, the democratically elected leader of Myanmar intensifies.

  • Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is ongoing, 6 republicans vote in favour of the democrats.

  • Japanese Olympic head designs over his sexist remark on women

  • The world’s second-oldest person survives Covid-19 just before her 117th birthday

Tech News

  • After Elon Musk confirmed to have bought over $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin, Bitcoin surges to its all-time high.

  • NASA to use Fitbits to help track Covid-19 cases.

  • Google tests Dark Mode features for the Desktop Search Engine.

  • Microsoft in talks to buy 51 billion dollars Pinterest in its biggest-ever deal

  • India lost the first test of the series after a massive double hundred from Joe Root.

  • IPL Auction date confirmed to be held on 18th February

  • Virat Kohli won today's toss, which breaks his streak of losing 9 consecutive tosses against England.

  • Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s mother dies, Klopp cannot attend her funeral due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Rishabh Pant donated his entire match fee to the Uttarakhand crisis.

The Home (@Wattpad)

By magicmonster1000


Genre: Fantasy/romance

Age rating: 12+ (Depending on the reading level)

With the addition of a new character, some mind-blowing twists and an intriguing plotline, magicmonster1000 is back with a sequel to The Duns— known as ‘The Home’. Once again, this book is on the platform Wattpad, and you can therefore read it completely free of charge- If you haven’t already, don’t forget to read The Duns first! (You can find our review in this edition over here). Coming back to The Home- a truly well-crafted novel by our budding writer. We are introduced to young Sean, pulled into the secret society known as Oi Alloi, and thus brought into Catherine’s world. (SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t read The Duns) After the turn of events in the last book, Catherine yearns to bring Peter back- but can she, really? And how does Sean fit into the events that take place? Read the book to find out! Go show some love to our 15-YEAR-OLD writer! (Link to the book below)

On 7th February 1238, the Mongols burnt Vladimir, the Russian city.

On 8th February 1926, previously Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was renamed to Walt Disney Studios.

On 9th February 474, Zeno and his son were crowned the co-emperors of the Byzantine Empire.

On 10th February 1996, a computer beat a reigning chess champion (Gary Kasparov) for the first time.

On 11th February 1990, after 27 years, Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

On 12th February 2001, NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft became the first to land on an asteroid.

On 13th February 1689, the Bill of Rights was issued in Britain which gave rights to the parliament and boundaries around the power of the crown.

Cans of Diet Soda will float in water, while regular cans will sink.

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

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