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The Weekly Focus Edition 46

The Pandemic- When will it end?

It's been more than 15 months since the virus appeared, and yet the situation currently is worse than ever. But, this article isn't about what is happening right now- it's about how and when we will get out of this. There was a point of time where it seemed like Covid-19 vaccines would be a far fetched dream, but we have them today and they are efficient. The UK was the first country to start their vaccination programs, and many others followed. It's currently in full swing, with the number of doses given nearing 1 billion. But for the pandemic to end and life to return to its glory days, majority of the people must be vaccinated. Israel, the first country to have combated the virus is a classic example of how we should tackle this problem. Life over there has returned to normalcy. From 1000 cases a day the caseload has dropped below 100, and over 56% of the population has been vaccinated. Masks are no longer mandatory, schools and Colleges have reopened, and still lesser cases and minimal deaths are being reported. Richer nations have

somewhat hogged the vaccines, as some nations in Africa still haven't received a single dose. India, being the lead manufacturer of vaccines in the world, launched its vaccination campaign on January 16th, and so far is doing decently for a nation of our size. Around 13 crore doses have been given across India, which accounts for roughly 9% of our population. If we eliminate any vaccine shortages and continue vaccinating at a rapid pace, results would start showing around Mid-June, and life could return to some kind of a normal state around September. After we vaccinate the majority of our population, Covid-19 will still be present, but the numbers won't be so high. If you feel like helping your country, please do the following-

  • Stay home at all costs. Just don't go out, you know it's not necessary.

  • Get vaccinated. Not everyone is privileged enough to, and if you're reading this and you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, consider yourself blessed.

  • Wear your mask. You know the drill, just wear your mask.

Follow these three golden rules and you wouldn't have just saved your country, but you would have saved yourself as well! Stay safe, Stay positive, (not test positive) and we will get through this soon.

By Vivaan Dharamshi

A New Dinosaur?

Scientists in the Atacama desert, the driest in the world, located in Chile, have found remains of a species that was previously unknown. The species lived in bushy green areas in this landscape millions of years ago. The team, led by a geologist named Carlos Arévalo, found the remains of these dinosaurs in the desert. The dinosaur was named a Titanosaur. It has a very small head, and a really long neck and tail. It also has a flat back. A few recent studies say that a lot of plants grew there millions of years ago. Parts of the desert have gone without rain for hundred years and it supports much fewer animals and plants.

By Krishnav Bubna

Super League Mayhem

As the week draws to a close, the European Super League is all football fans are talking about. The news was announced that 12 clubs would be breaking away from UEFA League’s and would make a new league of their own, the Super League. The president of the Super League is Florentino Perez who is also the President of the Real Madrid Football Club. The vice-presidents were Andrea Agnelli (also the Chairman of Juventus FC) and Joel Glazer (co-chairman of Manchester United). The Super League was going to consist of 20 teams. Out of them, 15 would be the founding clubs. When the league was first announced there were 12 founding teams with 3 more to come. The teams were: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus FC, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Approximately 350 million euros was going to be

given to each team that joint. When UEFA found out about this, they said that if the teams went forward with their decision, they would be removed from the Champions League and the Europa League. In addition, they met with the heads of each of the teams’ domestic league and decided that along with the chance of being removed from UEFA’s leagues they could be removed from the domestic leagues too. Fans were all enraged and shocked at their clubs’ decisions and protests started to take place all around the world. Not even a week after it was formed, teams started to leave the league. Till now 9 teams have withdrawn from the league: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan. The only teams who have not left are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Fans are really hoping that all of this will get resolved soon and the teams will be able to play in the UEFA Leagues. Find out more in next week’s edition!

By Saveer Solanki

Other News-

  • Covid-19 reaches Mount Everest, with a climber testing positive.

  • Russia begins to withdraw its troops from Crimea.

  • US President Joe Biden vowed to cut America's greenhouse emissions by half at the International Climate Summit.

  • Man who killed George Floyd convicted, justice finally served for Floyd.

  • US, UK and many countries impose travel restrictions on India as cases spike.

  • Axar Patel returns to Delhi Capital's side after Covid-19 complications.

  • RCB top the points table after winning their first 4 games remain the only unbeaten side this year.

  • Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says 'It’s time to learn cricket rules', gets a jersey from Virat Kohli as he takes a dig at the ESL.

  • Golfer Anirban Lahiri tests positive for COVID-19

Tech News-

  • The iPad Pro is most expensive in Brazil and cheap in the US and Hong Kong.

  • One Plus triggers have been launched for Rs. 1099.

  • Xbox Series X is adding a lot of updates.

  • The Google Pixel 5a 5G is likely to feature Snapdragon 765G.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Rating: ★★★★★

Age: 12+

Find it here: Disney+ Hotstar

Genre: To be honest, Marvel is a genre of its own

Review: Home to a new Captain America, with his new side-kick, and a very sarcastic friendship consisting of the Falcon and- take a guess- the Winter Soldier, this show is everything Captain America would have fought for it to be: funny, adventurous, filled with fights, dramatic, and sometimes even cringey, Marvel fans will find themselves satisfied while we await Black Widow and other movies. Though it is set to end on 23rd April 2021, we can love it as it lasts. Before I leave, there’s one last thing that has been constantly hanging like a knife above my head after beginning this show: is this show a tribute to the OG Captain America or a race to replace him? Let’s talk.

On 18th April 1783, fighting stopped eight years after it started in the American Revolution.

On 19th April 1909, beatification was given to Joan of Arc by the Roman Catholic Church.

On 20th April 1902, Marie Curie and Piere Curie isolated radium chloride.

On 21st April 753 BC, Remus and Romulus founded Rome.

On 22nd April 1994, the largest lollipop, which weighed 3011 pounds, was made in Denmark.

On 23rd April 2009, the oldest known object in the universe, the Gamma ray burst, was observed for 10 seconds.

On 24th April 1184 BC, the Greeks entered Troy in the Trojan Horse.

Bats are the only mammals which can fly

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

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