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The Weekly Focus Edition 5

Foreign Students in the USA

On Monday, The Trump Administration introduced a new law for foreign students in the USA, making the already difficult life of foreign students, worse. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) notified the million-plus foreign students in the US. Foreign students must attend in-person classes for the fall semester, or face deportation. This means the students must either risk their life by going to classes where they are exposed to the virus or leave their studies midway. With housing issues grappling many foreign students, and the recent H1-B visa

law forbidding immigrant workers, including some students for working In the USA until the end of the year. All immigrant workers were hit badly, but with Indians having the majority of immigrants in the US, were the worst hit. Imagine being stuck in the epicenter of a Global Pandemic, having lost your job and, facing the risk of deportation or risking your life. To add to your misery, you can't go back to your homeland because of worldwide travel restrictions. Later on Wednesday, Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) sued the Trump Administration to protect the Student Visas, stating it is unlawful. This move was supported by many.

Is a vaccine the only way out?

In 1918, the world faced the worst Pandemic in modern history, with a third of the world's population getting infected, and an estimated 50 million dead. But, even 20 years later a vaccine for the virus was yet to be discovered. How did the Pandemic end, and how can that apply for the Coronavirus outbreak? The Spanish Flu, as it was called died partly because the virus spreads slower in hot weather, and partly because it didn't have anywhere to go. If the virus cannot spread into a host, it dies. We can't depend on a vaccine for multiple reasons such as it being created too quickly, which may, therefore, have long term side effects and consequences, and if it goes wrong, millions will get affected badly. Even if we do get a vaccine, to make it available for everyone will take plenty of time and money and may even turn out fruitless, however, if the world isolates itself for 14 days, taking all precautions, we can wipe out the virus effectively. Breaking the chain of spread is ultimately the best way out of the pandemic.

Celebrating a legend

This week, we celebrate a widely known Indian cricket captain and wicket keeper's

birthday. We know him not only as a cricketer, but as an amazing teacher, and most of all a person who never loses his cool. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on 7th July 1981 at Ranchi, Jharkhand. He studied in DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir school where he took an interest in football and badminton. He was a passionate goalkeeper in football, but later on, his coach convinced him to be a wicket keeper, and play cricket instead. He made his Ranji Trophy debut in the season 1999/00 for the Bihar team and was selected for team India in 2004. In his ODI debut, he got out on a duck but made up for it in the coming matches. He was handed over the captaincy in 2007, where he made inspirational changes and won the first T20 World Cup in history. As captain, he won the 2011 world cup and 2013 Champions Trophy as well, making him the only captain to lift all three world cups. Dhoni is therefore India’s most successful captain. On 4th January 2017, he retired from test cricket. He has won three IPL titles as captain, made the most stumpings in ODIs, and has been awarded the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan Award along with others.

Article By Krishnav Bubna

Other News

~ Hotels are to be allowed opening in Maharashtra at 33% capacity and strict social distancing and sanitization rules. This will only be applicable in non-containment zones.

~ A herd of deer was spotted alongside the Mithi River and went viral on Social Media. A cleanup had been conducted earlier at the same spot.

~ The Asia Cricket Cup has been canceled for 2020.

~ Criminal Vikas Dubey has been killed in an encounter after trying to escape police custody. he had over 60 criminal acts under his name and was recently arrested.

~ The Indian Navy has concluded its Operation Samudra Setu, which was rescuing stranded citizens abroad in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

~ The Siberian Arctic records temperatures 10 degrees Celsius above normal June averages.

~ International Cricket resumed after the longest break for many weeks as the England-West Indies series began.

~ The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tested positive for Covid-19 after taking part in Anti-Lockdown protests a few weeks back.

~ The World's Second Largest Data Centre has been inaugurated in Panvel. Once fully built, it will have a capacity of 30,000 racks and power of 250 MW.

Markets This Week

Sensex- 36,737 +756.81

Nifty- 10,813 +210.65

No Art Without an Artist

- By the Eagle Post

“The artist sees what only others can catch a glimpse of”-Leonardo Vinci

Living in a world that is so industrialized, being an artist is hard nowadays. Artists often do not get the credit and appreciation they deserve. The hard work, time, and creativity they put in are often taken for granted. People call it a “hobby”, not a profession. Despite being criticized and not respected enough, artists create this world just by the use of their pencil or brush. It is truly incredible, for someone to have the ability to create something out of nothing.

The famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh once said “What would be if we had not the courage to attempt anything”.He makes us realize that it does take courage to be artistic and to imagine and be creative. Being an artist you face rejection because again art is about perspective which makes it so much harder for an artist to be successful. For example, a piece of art that personally I think is immaculate could be compared to average in someone else opinion. Each piece of art is imperfectly perfect and there can never be a right or wrong in art. The world with its criticism and attitude has made it hard for these artists to think that their art is more powerful and wonderful.

It is time we think about how difficult it is for all of the artists from all walks of life to have the strength, imagination, and creativity within them to continue working harder and to not give up despite being pushed down again and again.

Coming to a conclusion I do believe there is magic in art and most of us have to still discover the magic of art. I truly believe that a world without art and creativity is a world I never want to live in.

To all the artists out there from painters, writers to musicians, to all those who are trying to make your mark in the world out there & to the ones who feel underappreciated and want to give up. We urge you, this post is our dedication and appreciation to you, you make our world colourful and this is our salute to you!

We thank the “ The weekly focus “ for allowing us to collaborate and sharing our thoughts. And we would be thrilled for you all to follow us

Thank you for reading

Stay strong, stay bold – eagle post

This Week's Weather Forecast

This week can be expected to possibly be drier than the last, with temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees celsius. We can expect some sun today, accompanied by clouds. The weekend will be cloudy, with a chance of a thunderstorm anytime, and showers here and there will be persistent throughout the week. We will see some sun on Monday as well, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, we should expect cloudy skies and heavy rain. And finally, Thursday may bring an afternoon thunderstorm and cloudy skies.

This Week in History

~ The USA gets freedom and independence from the British on July 4th, 1776. This represents the declaration of independence in the USA. This day is celebrated widely across the United States by gatherings, firecrackers, and patriotism.

~ Sliced bread was sold for the first time in the USA on the 7th of July in 1928. It may not mean much, but sliced bread is one of the most important inventions in our lives, although it may seem very simple and unnecessary.

~ Amazon is founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5th, 1994 in Bellevue, California. This was the start of an era, and eventually, Amazon turned into a Global Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

~ Tesla releases its first mass-market electric car, the Model 3, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the first owner.

Fact of the week

Half of the atoms in our bodies have come from different


And some from across the universe!

Joke of the Week

I used to think the brain was the most important organ

But then I thought, "Hey look who's telling me that!"


Credits: Dilbert Comics Official

Credits: Garfield Comics Official

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Sep 15, 2020

good stuff<33 keep it up the weekly focus.Awaiting more content<3


preet veena
preet veena
Jul 10, 2020

Superb. Very well written. Eagle post writeup is also very good.


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