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The Weekly Focus Edition 51

Life Back to normal in the US?

The United States of America was majorly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The country has lost nearly 607,726 people due to the virus and has had about 33,999, 680 confirmed cases overall. However, the United States vaccine campaign has been extremely successful. A total of 131,850,089 Americans had been fully vaccinated which is 39.7 percent of the country’s population. Also, citizens above 12 are now eligible to get the

MODERNA vaccine. On the contrary, citizens who have not yet been vaccinated have to follow the same norms that were set. Even though the situation has become better, it is still important to follow government norms, maintain distance, wear masks, be protected and take good care.

Playing Conditions for the World Test Championship

The playing conditions for the World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and New Zealand, which begins on June 18 in Southampton, were confirmed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Friday. The International Cricket Council has set aside one additional day, June 23, to compensate for any time missed during the regular playing days. Both teams will be recognised as equal champions of the inaugural World Test Championship if the match concludes in a draw or a tie. "The playing conditions confirm that in the event of a draw or a tie, both teams will be declared joint winners, as well as the allocation of a Reserve Day to make up for any time lost during the regular days of the Final - which is set to take place from June 18 to 22, with June 23 set aside as the Reserve Day. Both of these rulings were announced in June 2018, just before the ICC World Test Championship got underway,” according to the ICC's press release.

The reserve day will be utilised only if "missed playing time cannot be recovered under the usual arrangements of making up lost time each day.” To compensate for the time lost on ordinary playing days, match officials can extend play by half an hour at the conclusion of the day and start the next day half an hour early. In their backyard, New Zealand uses Kookaburra balls, whereas India uses SG balls, however, the WTC final will be played with Grade 1 Dukes balls. Aside from these two, three new regulations will be implemented in the WTC final: short runs, player reviews, and DRS reviews. Before the next ball is bowled, the TV umpire will "automatically review" the on-field umpire's short-run call and inform him of his decision.

Before determining whether to take the LBW review or not, the players who were out or the fielding skipper may establish with the on-field umpire whether a genuine attempt to play the ball was made or not. The "height margin of the Wicket Zone has been increased to the top of the stumps to guarantee the same Umpire's Call margin around the stumps for both height and breadth in the case of LBW reviews," according to the rules.

Football News

Sadly, the season has come to an end. Most domestic leagues are over and a few have the last matches remaining. Although this means no more matches, there is always the excitement of transfers, contracts and awards. Soon, the break will be over and football will be back. In other news, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC may face severe punishment for still supporting the European Super League. They may be banned from the UEFA League for 2 years. Even the clubs who had left could face punishment, although theirs would be a far smaller one. The UEFA Europa League final was played and the game went to penalties after a goal from both Villareal and Manchester United. The penalties were incredibly close and Villareal ended up winning 11-10 after David de Gea failed to save a single penalty and also failed to score the last spot-kick which would have ended the penalties 11-11. The UEFA Champions League final will be played on Sunday at 12:30 AM IST and if Manchester City win, they could win the treble. Here below are the results of

Europe’s top leagues:

Premier League:

Manchester City: 86 points

Manchester United: 74 points

Liverpool FC: 69 points

Ligue 1:

Lille FC: 83 points

Paris Saint-Germaine: 82 points

FC Monaco: 78 points

Serie A:

Inter Milan: 91 points

AC Milan: 79 points

FC Atalanta: 78 points

La Liga:

Atletico Madrid: 86 points

Real Madrid: 84 points

FC Barcelona: 79 points


FC Bayern: 78 points

RB Leipzig: 65 points

Borussia Dortmund: 64 points

By Saveer Solanki

Other News

  • Syrian President Bashan Al Assad wins elections for the 4th consecutive year, west calls it unfair.

  • A 40-year-old man travelled alone on a flight from Mumbai to Dubai and he called it his best flight ever.

  • Belarus stops a flight over its airspace to detain a journalist, criticized worldwide as EU and other countries impose sanctions on Belarus.

  • Russia starts vaccinating animals against Covid-19

  • A Super Blood moon, an incredibly rare cosmic event took place on 26th May.

  • After some leaked data, US President Joe Biden ordered his Intelligence department to double the efforts to find the true origin of Covid-19.

  • Olympic Medalist and wrestler Sushil Kumar arrested due to his links in the murder of another medalist, wrestling community left in shock.

  • Micheal Vaughan reveals that if he had to block an internet user, he would block Wasim Jaffer; Jaffer’s response goes viral.

  • England Pacer Jofra Archer undergoes second surgery in months and he is expected to make a return at the T20 World Cup.

  • Runner Milkha Singh out of ICU after he tested positive for Covid-19.

One of us is lying

Rating: ★★★★★

Age: 14+ (death, depression)

Find it here: Amazon India

Author: Karen M. McManus

Review: A truly intriguing story revolving around something as simple as detention- and as complicated as a School Gossip Tumblr page. Yeah, you read that right. Simon, the known owner of this site, finds himself in detention with four fellow classmates. And that’s about the last thing he does- because just as an accident takes place outside, Simon Kelleher sips a drink of infected water and is immediately dead. The four students are proclaimed as suspects and the police toil around them to try and uncover the murderer- except the real culprit isn’t really around here anymore… This book is absolutely amazing and keeps you hooked for the answer as it grabs murder mystery and strangles it at the neck. Karen M. McManus- the next Agatha Christie? Maybe.

On 23rd May 1785, Benjamin Franklin publicised his invention of bifocal glasses.

On 24th May 1844, the world’s first telegraph message was typed.

On 25th May 2001, Erik Weihenmyer became the first blind person to climb Mount Everest.

On 26th May 1896, the Dow Jones index began.

On 27th May 1921, Afghanistan gained independence from the British.

On 28th May 1936, Alan Turing sent Turing's Proof titled “On Computable Numbers” for publication which contained the foundation for modern computers.

On 29th May 1953, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary became the first people to climb Mount Everest.

Your nose and your ears are the only 2 body parts which will never stop growing!

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited By Nirvaan Zaveri

Announcement: We will start making videos on June 12th, and we will return to our normal newsletter by June 12th.

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