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The Weekly Focus Edition 53

Re-opening again?

As the second wave eases, and cases move to 3-month lows, India has started reopening its businesses. In Mumbai, shops are allowed to stay open till 4:00 in the evening, and cinemas and gyms are also set to open at 50% capacity. Although this is a good sign, we cannot rule out the possibility of a third wave. Hence we cannot let down our guard either. The government had a minimal supply of vaccines during the second wave, but after the goal to vaccinate the adult population by December was announced, vaccine supply has increased. States have already ramped up their vaccination campaign. Meanwhile, Mumbai is one of the leading cities in terms of vaccinations in the country, with around 20 lakh of the adult population inoculated with at least 1 dose, and 5 lakh fully vaccinated. Delhi is already discussing the reopening of schools, which is still distant for a city like Mumbai.

NASA Images May Change the Climate Policy

The yellow clusters that hang above downtown LA and Long Beach in NASA's satellite photographs of Southern California space resemble a weather map for the most part, but they don't indicate rain. Instead, they signify high carbon dioxide levels, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Despite the epidemic, carbon dioxide levels are at an all-time high, and experts are looking for methods to mitigate the problem. The photos released this week are the first of what NASA calls the "most precise maps from orbit" that demonstrate humans' impact on CO2 levels. The new data, which focuses on the Los Angeles basin, is hoped to persuade politicians to approve more aggressive laws to combat climate change. They were acquired last February by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3, a first-of-its-kind measuring device. The instrument, which is housed on the International Space Station, measures the electromagnetic spectrum of sunlight to identify carbon dioxide using a telescope and three spectrometers. The experiment began in 2012 at NASA and was launched in May of this year. It can monitor up to 40 places in Southern California every day, with an emphasis on Los Angeles and other places with significant carbon emissions.

The Monsoon has arrived!

The monsoon officially arrived in Mumbai on 9th June, 2 days before its predicted rainfall, June 11th. In just a few days, Mumbai has already received more than its quota of June rain. While this may be comforting because a water shortage is less likely to happen now, the rains have flooded the streets of Mumbai, and illegal structures have collapsed due to the downpour, claiming lives. Claims of desilting work of the drains were washed away in just the first few days, but work to cover manholes and prevent further flooding is underway. Furthermore, the Mumbai Airport was shut down for 30 minutes because of the heavy rains and poor visibility.

  • The 20 member squad for India's team to go to Sri Lanka was announced, with 5 players to get their India Cap.

  • The Euro Cup commenced early today morning, with Italy beating Turkey 3-0.

  • In the absence of senior members at the WTC, Dhawan will lead India against Sri Lanka with Bhuvneshwar Kumar named Vice-Captain.

  • James Anderson created history by becoming the most capped English player in tests after getting his 162nd cap.

Other News

  • Indian PM Narendra Modi announces free vaccines for all Indians above the age of 18 from 21st June onwards.

  • Iran regains its right to vote in the UN after it repaid a part of its dues to the world body.

  • The UK is planning to donate approximately 10 crore surplus vaccines to other countries.

  • The US drops plans to ban Chinese owned apps Tik Tok and WeChat.

  • A herd of elephants became a Social Media sensation after they were spotted in China 500 kilometres from their original home.

  • Auckland, New Zealand topped the Economic Intelligence Unit’s survey on the most liveable cities in the world.

Tech News

  • One Plus Nord CE 5G has been released in India.

  • The Realme laptop and tablet have been leaked.

  • The iOS 4 has been rebuilt as an app on iPhones.

  • Samsung Galaxy M32 is set to launch soon in India.


Rating: ★★★★

Age: 13+ (fiction, mature themes)

Find it here: Amazon India

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Review: The book holds the reader’s interest with an iron grip, speaking through the eyes of a young girl: quiet, reserved, dampened. Anderson holds the truth till the very end and- oh! The shock it holds. Melinda, a high school student, suddenly drains of life and colour after a traumatic event took over her emotions and thoughts back before she even turned thirteen. This book is dropped into a lake of sorrow and worry as Melinda’s parents crease their eyebrows, as Melinda’s teachers’ concern grows like a beanstalk and Melinda…. Melinda refuses to speak- until a shocking twist is brought into the book and all the hidden secrets come out, encouraging Melinda to not just talk about it but to shout. An important read for older readers- I do not recommend this for those younger than the age of 13.

On 6th June 1882, Henry W Seely patented the electric iron.

On 7th June 1929, Vatican city became a sovereign state.

On 8th June 1869, the first vacuum cleaner was patented by Ives W McGuffey.

On 9th June 1650, the Harvard Corporation was established.

On 10th June 1977, the first Apple II computers were shipped.

On 11th June 2017, Rafael Nadal became the first person to win the French Open ten times.

On 12th June 1942, Anne Frank received a diary as her birthday gift.

There are an estimated 4 quadrillion quadrillion bacteria on the Earth!

Review by Dia Makhecha

Article 3 and Tech News by Krishnav Bubna

This Week in History and Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Memes by Paarth Biyani

Logo and Design by Sanaa Dharamshi

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

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