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The Weekly Focus Edition 54

Biden and Putin meet:

Joe Biden, the recently elected President of the United States of America, had a meeting

with the Russian President Vladimir Putin discussing denuclearisation and more peace-related talks. The meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland. This diplomatic meeting is crucial not only for the two nations but also for the world. This is because these two Countries are world superpowers who are nuclear-armed and a conflict between them could be catastrophic. The main objective was to renew the treaty which limits nuclear weapons. Putin also stated that he and President Biden had a ‘constructive’ summit. After the summit meeting on Wednesday, Putin said that there was ‘no hostility’. Both nations expected a talk lasting at least 5-6 hours but it ended in merely 3 hours. Both countries had pulled back their top envoys to Washington and Moscow as relations eased in recent months. Furthermore, Putin mentioned that both countries have agreed to assist each other in cybersecurity matters which is controversial due to the previous allegations of cybercrime towards the Russian government. To conclude, we hope that both countries can maintain a peaceful relationship that is peaceful and beneficial to both sides.

By Arhaan Zaveri

Giant Rhinos in China?

According to research published in the journal Communications Biology on Thursday, fossils discovered in northwest China's Gansu province revealed a new species of enormous rhinoceroses that existed more than 26 million years ago. The fossils, which include a skull and two vertebrae, were discovered in the Linxia basin's reddish-brown sandstone and provide information on how ancient rhinos developed and migrated throughout what is now Asia. The distribution of gigantic rhino fossils - some of which have been discovered on the Pakistani side of the Himalayas - suggests that "Tibet, as a plateau, did not yet exist and was not yet a barrier to the trade of the biggest land animals," according to the research. Giant rhinos, such as the recently found Paraceratherium linxiaense, were hornless, long-necked herbivores that weighed up to 20 tonnes, almost the same as many elephants, and lived in open forest.

G.O.A.T Debate Revisited

The Following Article has been written by Siddhanth, the founder of Sprint Blogs.

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On Sunday, we saw Novak Djokovic script an epic comeback to defeat Stefanos Tsitsipas 3-2 in the Roland Garros finals. The marathon final went on for 251 minutes as the Serbian eventually triumphed. Tennis fans around the world marvelled at the chance of a new tennis champion when Stefanos went 2-0 up. But 'Djoko' proved to everyone that he is the comeback king. His victory on Sunday saw him extend the gap between him and Federer when it comes to winning five-set matches of all time in Grand Slams, Djokovic has 32 and Federer has 30.

I think it's safe to say that this era has seen the best players of tennis when we look at Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Federer is the most popular pick when deciding among the three, because of his impeccable technique, longevity and style.

Nadal is picked for his grit, fighting spirit and physical prowess. However, Djokovic has something that makes him stand out: his ability to perform on every court. He's proven it by becoming the third man ever, and the first of this era to win all Grand Slams at least twice, joining Rod Laver and Roy Emerson. The statistics above show each of the “Big Three's” win percentage on each court and Djokovic is the only one to have an 80+ win percentage on all of the surfaces. However, Djokovic's longevity is yet to be seen as he is only 34 years old. With that being said, he is only one slam behind Federer. Plus, with Federer's career at the end of the tunnel, Novak has more time to dominate and stay on top. If you look closely, Djokovic has the qualities of his two counterparts. He has the classy style of Federer and the grit and ability to fight back like Nadal. In my opinion, Djokovic is on his way to becoming the undisputed G.O.A.T tennis player.

By Sprint Blogs

  • The first day of the WTC Final washed out due to wet outfield and rain, toss yet to occur

  • 20 time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal pulls out of the Olympics and the Wimbledon to prolong his career.

  • The US Open will operate at a 100% crowd capacity, the first tournament to do so.

  • Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid after over 1 and a half decades with the club.

Other News

  • Coca Cola loses 4 billion dollars in valuation after Ronaldo puts a Coke bottle away during a Press Conference

  • Israel launched rockets into Palestine for the second time after the Ceasefire.

  • Experts predict the Delta variant could become the mainstream variant of Covid-19

  • Tsunami warning issued in Indonesia after an Earthquake of magnitude 6.1

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro fined yet again for not following Covid-19 protocol

Tech News

  • PUBG is now open to everyone.

  • Realme Earbuds Q2 will launch on the 24th of June.

  • There are a few hints of the new Microsoft 11 windows update.

  • The Sony Bravia XR A80J OLED Smart TV Series has launched in India

The Thirteen Treasures

Rating: ★★★★★

Age: 13+ (fiction, adventure)

Find it here: Amazon India

Author: Michelle Harrison

Review: Though this book may be a little confusing in the beginning few pages of the book, Harrison’s imagination and writing slowly imprints into the mind of the reader as you pursue the novel. Tanya, our main character, can see fairies that others can’t - or so she thinks. It's only when she’s dumped at her stand-offish grandmothers’ grand, old, creepy, mansion, does Tanya meet someone with a similar, but still a different, pair of eyes compared to her. She finds herself in a castle full of secrets and secret-keepers. This book is beautiful not only because of its throat-gripping storyline of broken friendships, deaths, ghosts, fairies, unsuspecting woods, murdered babies, three weird old women, an ancient man who can’t get over his crush's’ death almost twenty decades ago, a house-keeper and his studious son, and last but not the least: a brightly coloured caravan that depicts death. I highly encourage reading this book to everyone crossing the age limit because it’s just something you can’t miss!

On 13th June 1922, Charlie Osborne started getting hiccups which went on to last 68 years.

On 14th June 1923, the first country music hit song was recorded.

On 15th June 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted, becoming the second-largest eruption of a volcano on Earth in the 20th century.

On 16th June 1884, the first roller coaster was used.

On 17th June 1631, Mumtaz Mahal passed away leading to the construction of the Taj Mahal.

On 18th June 1812, the US declared war on Britain commencing the War of 1812.

On 19th June 1991, Pablo Escobar surrendered to the police.

Chewing Gum boosts concentration!


Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1- Arhaan Zaveri

Article 2- Krishnav Bubna

Article 3- Sprint Blogs

Review- Dia Makhecha

This Week in History- Nirvaan Zaveri

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