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The Weekly Focus Edition 62

Origin of Covid-19

Recently, a WHO (World Health Organization) member named Peter Ben Embarek sparked a controversy regarding COVID-19, the global pandemic that has plagued millions and affected people all around the globe in some way. Peter Ben Embarek had an interview on Danish TV where he stated, “In the beginning, they didn’t want anything about the lab [in the report], because it was impossible, so there was no need to waste time on that.” In this statement, he spoke about the Virology Lab in Wuhan which could have been the origin of the pandemic. On the contrary to the previous statement, he said that they insisted on researching about the lab as it could have been vital to know more about the origin. Based on the reports earlier this year, it is said to be extremely unlikely that the virus did come out of the lab. However, Mr. Embarek added that it could be unlikely but not impossible, and this has caused confusion in the minds of people everywhere. As of now, nothing is confirmed but we hope we can reach a conclusion soon.

Messi bids farewell to Barca

Lionel Messi, regarded by many as the best football player of all time, has been forced to leave Barcelona due to the league’s financial regulations. He said goodbye to the team after more than 20 years and countless trophies. Since joining the team in 2000 at the mere age of 13, and making his debut in a friendly in 2003 he has given everything for this club. During his time, he has won 4 UEFA champions leagues, 10 La Liga trophies, the most goals in a season and countless more trophies and records with the team. FC Barcelona has been one of the most successful clubs and a lot of their success is due to Messi. Messi has been at the club his whole career and teared up at his farewell press conference. Football fans across the world have been saddened by his departure and his move to Paris Saint Germain. The deal he accepted was a two season contract with an optional year from Paris Saint Germain. As soon as Messi became a free agent, PSG wasted no time and quickly sent an offer. “I did everything I could,” Messi said. “From my side, I did everything to stay. That is what I wanted,” said Messi at his press conference. He is set to play amongst his old teammate, Neymar and arguably the best upcoming sensation Kylian Mbappe. PSG have made multiple major signings including ex-Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi and Wijnaldum, and are considered by many the favourites to win the UEFA Champions League. Messi has had an incredible time at Barcelona and football fans around the world are incredibly sad at the thought of him playing in other colours as he has formed an attachment with Barcelona and their fans. Messi is still a wizard at the sport of football and we believe he will do great things at PSG.

Water on the moon?

“ISRO's second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, detected the presence of water molecules on the lunar surface,” mission data revealed. In an article written by AS Kirankmar, former president of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) was placed in a 100 km polar orbit to collect global scientific data.

"The first analysis of IIRS data includes extensive hydration of the OH and H2O symbols on the moon between latitudes 29 ° N and 62 ° N after combining the thermoregulatory effect based on physics and reflectance data which clearly indicates the existence of a clear discovery. According to an article published in the journal Current Science, the rock of Plagioclaserich was found to have pyrolysis. The OH (hydroxyl) molecule or perhaps H2O (water) is higher than in marine regions, where OH has been found to be more predominant at higher temperatures. Growth is also important because Chandrayaan-2 does not produce the desired result. According to the newspaper, Mission's orbiter is operating normally, sending data to the first mission on the moon, Chandrayaan-1, showing evidence of water on the moon.

Other News

  • The USA is at its diverse peak, only 60% of the population are white Americans.

  • Taliban capture Herat, the third biggest city in Afghanistan.

  • US Intel says Kabul could fall within 90 days to the Taliban.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated in Japan after torrential rains.

  • The Indian Government launched a new vehicle scrappage policy, aimed to dispose of vehicles easily and cheaply for the owner.

  • Bajrang Punia clinches bronze, Neeraj Chopra gets gold as India conclude their most successful Olympics campaign yet.

  • KL Rahul scores a Century as India take a commanding lead over England in the second test

  • Stuart Broad was ruled out of the series after an injury

  • Unmukt Chand, the captain of the 2012 U-19 world cup winning squad retires from cricket in India due to lack of opportunity, considers moving.

Tech News

  • iPhone 13 will launch in September with bigger batteries

  • In google meet, now you can make 25 people the host.

  • Calculator, mail and snipping tools have started testing for Windows 11.

  • Zoom has launched focus mode to keep students focused.

Today will be the last day of the This Week in History column. We will be replacing it with a new column next week. if you have any thoughts or ideas on what you want the next column to be, do mention it in the comments.

On 8th August 1898, corn flakes were invented by Will Kellogg.

On 9th August 1945, the ‘Fat Man’ bomb was dropped by the US in Nagasaki.

On 10th August 1846, the world’s largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian Institution, was established.

On 11th August 1929, Babe Ruth became the first MLB player to hit 500 home runs.

On 12th August 1908, the first Model T car was built by Henry Ford’s company.

On 13th August 1942, the Manhattan Project was initiated.

On 14th August 1945, WWII ended after Japan surrendered unconditionally.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 3 by Krishnav Bubna

This Week in History by Nirvaan Zaveri

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