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The Weekly Focus Edition 71

China India Border Dispute

China and India, two extremely dominant countries in the Asian peninsula that share a border. The LAC (Line of Actual Control) is a conflicted border that spreads across Kashmir to the Himalayas in India and Aksai Chin in China. The conflict started in early 2020 and was dormant for a while however was never completely resolved. Several peace talks and more occurred but they all failed.

Recently Indian VP (Vice President) Venkaiah Naidu visited Arunachal Pradesh even though China heavily objected to it. India called on China to work for a speedy resolution to the conflict in a peaceful and fruitful manner.

At the borders, troops have been facing off for more than one and a half years. What started in Ladakh has spread across the LAC reaching military face-offs’ in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. Following the visit, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Beijing doesn’t recognise Arunachal Pradesh as part of India and is firmly opposed to visits to the region by Indian leaders.

The Earth just survived another solar flare

Our earth just survived another solar flare! The sun released a large amount of energy and threw it directly at Earth. The resulting coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field. The mass of solar material reached Earth on October 12, increasing the Kp index to 6, which is considered a moderate disturbance. The most intense level is the Kp 9 index, which can cause great damage to the earth's infrastructure. The CME has been associated with a class M1.6 solar flare from the 2882 solar active region that appeared on October 9. Now, M-class tiers aren't as strong as X-class flares, so not too many dangers have been resolved. The CME velocities were also recorded by the STEREO space probe, which is floating in space at a vantage point away from Earth. The space probe has determined a speed of 983 km per second for the material from the solar mass ejection.


Yesterday, with the help of Faf Du Plessis and Shardul Thakur, an exciting IPL came to an end as CSK won its 4th title, just 1 behind MI in the race for the most titles. The season was split into two, had some wonderful matches and some one sided affairs, and also saw the rise of many new talents. No one would have predicted at the start of the season that Ruturaj Gaikwad and Harshal Patel would be the ones carrying home the orange and purple caps. No one expected KKR to go to the finals after a horrible start in the India leg of this tournament. It's been 4 seasons since the last mega auction, and Mumbai and Chennai have each won 2 of the seasons. As this IPL chapter comes to a close, it might be a rising concern that 11 of the 14 trophies have gone to just 3 teams, and teams like PBKS, RCB and DC have yet to get their hands on a trophy, despite being quality teams themselves. A number of records were broken this season. Harshal Patel equalled Dwayne Bravo's record of most wickets in a season, with 32 scalps. Mumbai Indians also chased down 218 runs, making it the second highest chase in IPL history. Ruturaj Gaikwad became the first player to win the emerging player award as well as the Orange Cap, and it is also the first instance where two batsman of the same team have been the highest and second highest run scorers in the same tournament

  • The warm-up schedule for the T20 world cup is out, India is to play Australia and England on the 18th and 20th respectively.

  • Shardul Thakur replaces Axar Patel in the T20 World Cup Squad.

  • Rahul Dravid is to be India’s coach after Ravi Shastri steps down after the T20 World Cup.

  • Football legend Pele successfully recovers from his illness and is much better now.

Other News

  • The US to allow fully vaccinated people from all countries to enter from November 8th cites multiple reports.

  • A suicide bomber blast in a mosque in the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan kills 47, the death toll is still rising.

  • A child in Liberia finds $50,000, returns it to its rightful owner, and is now a national hero.

  • Former US President Bill Clinton admitted to the hospital

Tech News

  • The JioPhone is going to come soon

  • Hackers have just stolen a lot of data from Acer users.

  • Air pods 3 might launch soon

  • The first windows 11 update has made things worse for AMD users

Fact or Fiction

1) Adult skeletons have 206 bones, but babies are born with 300. You are born with your bones only partly formed, and some of them are invisible on X-ray. As you grow your bones lengthen and change shape.

2) You put food into your mouth (ideally a little at a time), chew and then swallow the bits. The stomach produces acid to break this food into even smaller bits.

3) There are some strange measurement matches related to your body. Measure the distance between the crease on the inside of your elbow and the crease inside your wrist. Now measure your foot. If you’re flexible enough, double-check and measure your foot against your forearm. It doesn’t seem possible, but the length is the same.

4) Have someone measure how wide you are from fingertip to fingertip. Now measure how tall you are. You are as wide as you are tall.

5) After you die, everything stops. Your heart stops pumping and your blood stops circulating. Your nerves stop sending messages to your brain and back again. Your muscles stop twitching and your body will never need food again. Your skin dries out. But the energy left in your body makes your fingernails, toenails, and your hair grows longer.

6) Your lungs are under your ribs, above your stomach and below your throat. They take up most of the space in your chest. You have a pair of them: one on the right, one on the left. They are in the same area and are joined by the trachea, which is also called the windpipe. Each lung has three sections: the superior or upper lobe, the middle lobe, and the inferior or lower lobe.

7) A cough is a good thing. Really. A cough is a rapid explosion of air out of your lungs. Your body uses a cough reflex to make sure nothing but the air goes into your lungs. If you accidentally breathe in something else, like dust, or a fly, or the mucus that comes with a cold, you will cough to push it straight back out again. Coughs have been measure at over 100 kmph.

Answers at the bottom!

The Five People you Meet in Heaven

Mitch Albom


Inspirational Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Philosophical fiction

Mitch Albom shares the secrets of life through a contemporary novel that explores the journey of life, ironically through the heaven of war veteran Eddie, who gets one last chance to have his questions answered. This is a philosophical book that the world needs so that we can slow down and learn that life is about the little things that make it so much bigger.

On 10th October 1899, Isaac R Johnson patented the bicycle frame.

On 11th October 1939, Albert Einstein told FDR about the prospect of an atomic bomb.

On 12th October 1999, the sixth billionths human being was born.

On 13th October 1943, Italy and Germany declared war on each other.

On 14th October 1933, Nazi Germany left the League of Nations.

On 15th October 1993, Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize.

On 16th October 1923, the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was founded.


Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 2 and Tech News by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta

Review by Saveer Solanki

This Week in History by Nirvaan Zaveri

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Answers for Fact or Fiction:

1) Fact

2) Fact

3) Fact

4) Fact

5) Fiction (the nails and hair only appear to be longer because the skin shrinks away from them)

6) Fiction (The left lung is smaller than the right lung so that there is room for your heart. Your left lung does not have the middle lobe)

7) Fact

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