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The Weekly Focus Edition 74

Tigray Conflict update

Ethiopia is a country whose head of state won a Nobel Peace Prize but also launched attack on its people. We have an update for you on the Tigray conflict. For those who are not aware Tigray is a region in Ethiopia where the government launched a full-fledged war. Multiple citizens have left the country and are currently seeking refuge in neighbouring nations while others brutally suffer a massive war. Due to the somewhat unruly actions committed by the government 9 prominent Tigray groups are forming an anti-government alliance for justice. Two of them, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and the Agaw Democratic Movement (ADM), confirmed to Reuters that an announcement on the alliance was genuine. The alliance demands justice for the countless injured and murdered and more than 2 million displaced from their homes. Many African nations and western countries including the P5 nation USA have called for a ceasefire. Even though from the outside perspective we can all dream for one it clearly seems

impossible and way too far fetched as we can see this conflict has taken a darker turn.

Fireworks: To be Banned or not banned?

This year, Diwali returned to its original glory with amplified celebrations and merry all around, with the pandemic almost over. Last year's memories of a toned-down Diwali were all forgotten. With the return of the celebrations, the fireworks returned. Fireworks that cause air and noise pollution were the direct or indirect cause of 4000 deaths in the past 115 years and kill or injure countless animals and birds every year. Many states have already banned it, but why do some hold on to this? There are many significant reasons why fireworks should be disallowed, although there is only one promising argument to counter the same, which is to help the 5000 crore firework industry. Many Hindu believers have argued that fireworks are an essential part of their festivities, but as time progresses we must forget that of the past and adapt to that of the future. Fireworks are a safety hazard, are polluting an already heavily polluted planet and kill innocent lives. These simple reasons are why it should be banned, and if it isn't, then we must pledge not to use the firecrackers for any festivities due to the negative effects, and that could be a start to eliminating needless and harmful traditions that are negatively affecting the environment in India, and eventually the world.

NASA's new planetary defence technique

NASA plans to crash a spacecraft flying at 15,000 mph on an asteroid next year for a "planet defence test" while the Earth is not in imminent danger. The purpose of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is to determine if this is an efficient way to deflect the asteroid's orbit if it needs to threaten the Earth in the future. NASA unveiled details of the $ 330 million DART project at a press conference on Thursday. According to NASA's Planet Defence Officer Lind Regions, the key to planet defence is to detect them before they pose a risk of impact. Johnson went on to say that he didn't want to fall into a situation where the asteroid was moving towards Earth, so he needed to test its abilities. According to Johnson, more than 27,000 near-Earth asteroids have been recorded, but none are currently threatening the Earth.

Other News

  • Pollution in Beijing worsens, visibility less than 200 metres

  • Europe could have half a million more deaths by February due to the pandemic, states a report.

  • The US starts vaccination kids aged 5-11, have vaccinated the majority of their population now.

  • India PM visits Spain, has bilateral talks with Spanish PM.

  • India resurrects their WC Campaign with 2 thumping wins against Afghanistan and Scotland after successive defeats in the first 2 games.

  • Rahul Dravid was appointed as Head Coach for India, to start directly after WC

  • Boxer Akash Kumar ensures India wins a medal at the World Boxing Championships 2021

  • Barcelona legend Xavi was announced as the new head coach for the out of form club.

Tech News

  • Nintendo Switch now has over 6700 third party games

  • Galaxy Note 9 has gotten the November security updates

  • iPad mini 6 pros is rumoured to have 120 Hz screen

  • Twitter will now let you listen to any space audios without logging in

Fact or Fiction

1) One of the most frequently used objects in the house is the toilet. The very first flushable lavatory was invented in the mid 19th century by a man named Thomas Crapper!

2) In 1957 Australian lecturer and rocket-fuels chemist Dr David Warren invented the first machine that was able to record flight data and sound from within the cockpit of a plane.

This machine is virtually indestructible and has proven essential when trying to discover

what happens when a flight has a disastrous ending. It is called the ARL Flight Memory

Unit, but it is known more commonly by its nickname, the Black Box!

3) In the modern age, the cell phone has become essential to every owner. Some people even

insist that they couldn’t live without theirs! However, it wasn’t so long ago that you had to

be in a specific location to answer a call. It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

4) The trombone is part of the brass family of musical instruments. The name comes from the

Italian word from trumpet, tromba and the suffix -one, meaning large. It was invented in

1450 but it was originally called a sackbut. The trombone has a much better sound to it though,

don’t you think?

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 3 and Tech News by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta

Fact or Fiction Answers

1) Ans: Fiction. Thomas Crapper was a plumber and during the 1860s he started a business entitled Thomas Crapper & Co, which provided sanitary lavatory plumbing indoors for homes.

2) Fact

3) Fact

4) Fact

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