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The Weekly Focus Edition 75

South China Sea Tensions

The United States of America Navy has fired the commanding officer, executive officer and a top enlisted sailor from one of their nuclear-powered submarines. The reason for this sudden decision was that the ship had crashed into a mountain on the 2nd of October. The decision was made after a series of investigations into the matter as the South China sea is a highly disputed area. “Sound judgement, prudent decision-making and adherence to required procedures in navigation planning, watch team execution and risk management could have prevented the incident,” said the western Pacific-based 7th Fleet in a statement. Due to the amount of damage found in Guam, the vessel is expected to return to the US submarine base in Washington for further repairs. Reports suggest that 11 sailors were injured in the crash. It is found that the crash damaged the forward ballast tanks of the ships, but no damage was done to the nuclear plant. The navy later states that the crash occurred while the submarine was patrolling and unexpectedly hit the seamount.

The Pakistan Resurgence

After a rather disappointing 2019 World Cup, Pakistan cricket was in shambles. The old middle order was struggling to fire, their star pacer Mohammed Amir shockingly retired due to politics within the Pakistan cricket board, and the captain Sarfaraz Khan was not handling the team too well. It seemed to be a fraction of its past glory until an entirely new team emerged. Perhaps the only light in this dark phase was the top order batters, Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman. Then, when Babar was awarded captaincy, everything changed. Mohammed Rizwan, who until then had had a very quiet career, exploded at the top of the order. The opening pair of Babar Azam and Mohammed Rizwan broke records after records. In the bowling department, Pakistan found a gem of a bowler, Shaheen Afridi. A tall, express swing bowler who is excellent upfront. Shadab Khan continued to impress in the middle, and Imad Wasim with his left-arm spin bowling restricted the runs in the power play, and also got the occasional breakthrough. Haris Rauf is another talented young fast bowler who is excellent at the death, and now the experienced giants in the middle order have enjoyed their roles of hitting from ball 1, with Malik and Hafeez striking form. As Babar said, everyone in this team has a specific role, and more often than not they perform that. Pakistan was electric in all 5 games of the group stage this WC, outclassing rivals India and New Zealand with ease. The spirited side fell short in the semi-finals, but not after a wonderful tournament that has single-handedly revived Pakistani cricket. The future is bright for this team, and it will be interesting to see how they fare in upcoming tournaments.

Mars Beneath The Surface

NASA's Mars rover has seen something no one has ever seen. In the latest update of Mars' Brave Rover, Perseverance managed to penetrate the Martian surface and shared a photo of the scratched surface that has been hidden for years. It was part of the rover's mission to collect rock samples. “Peering inside to look at something no one's ever seen. I've abraded a small patch of this rock to remove the surface layer and get a look underneath,” said the post from the official Perseverance handle on Twitter. ”Zeroing in on my next target for #SamplingMars," adds the post. This is the first of many sample-collecting moments that Perseverance is slated to take (a total of 20 samples are expected). On subsequent missions, these specimens will be returned to Earth via a sophisticated system of space vehicles travelling from Mars to Earth.

Other News

  • Russia deploy Nuclear capable bombers over the Belarus region to patrol the migrant crisis

  • 84 million people have been displaced this year due to violence or environmental reasons

  • Alibaba posts record sales of 84.5 B$ on a single day

  • Falguni Nayer, India’s self-made women entrepreneur becomes a billionaire after Nykaa goes public

  • Australia and New Zealand eliminate favourites from their respective groups, qualify for the T20 WC finals

  • Indian squad announced for home series against NZ, key players rested

Tech News

  • Some WhatsApp users can hide their last seen, profile photo and about from specific contacts

  • Google Pixel 6 gets early access to heart rate tracking and respiratory tracking

  • A modified iPhone X with USB port C sold for 64 lakh rupees

  • Instagram is planning to add the feature take a break to stop addiction from the app

Fact or Fiction

1) The first karaoke machine was invented by a Japanese man named Daisuke Inoue in the 1970s. The word karaoke comes from the Karaoke mountain ranges in Japan where an annual karaoke competition takes place every summer.

Ans: Fiction. Although Daisuke Inoue invented the first karaoke machine in the 1970s, the word karaoke is actually made up of two Japanese words which mean empty and orchestra.

2) Wilhelm Röntgen was the very first man to win the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901. He was the man who invented X – rays when he discovered that cathode rays could pass through just about anything. His discovery was made in 1895 and just 10 years later, X-ray specs were available in stores across Germany!

Ans: Fiction. William Röntgen may have invented the X-ray, but X-ray Specs are merely a comic book fantasy… so far.

3) Another winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics was Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian whose experiments led to the discovery of radio waves. Not only did this prove the way radio broadcasts started but also the wireless telegraph system, which helped ships communicate over the seas.

Ans: Fact

4) Counterfeit-proof money was developed by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia. In 1968, the first plastic-laminated 10$ banknote was released in Australia after 20 years of research. A special registration watermark makes the notes much more difficult to copy. The plastic nature of the money ensures a longer life span than ordinary paper notes.

Ans: Fact

Movie Name: Rashmi Rocket

Genre: Bollywood, Sports biography

Your rating: ★★★★

Director: Akarsh Khurani

Watch it on: Zee 5 Premium Review: Even after being someone that prefers binging on Hollywood romcoms, I knew the moment this movie began, that I was going to love it. Rashmi Rocket walks you through the life of Rashmi, a simple villager, who happens to be a tomboy and is often ridiculed for it. Her ridiculous sprinting speed brings her to the attention of a young trainer, and he encourages her to put her past (it would be a spoiler if I gave it out) behind her and take part in athletics competitions- and she does, and she wins. Until she is manipulated into taking dare I say illegal tests and forced out of competition and banned from running ever again- until she meets a lawyer who might just be able to help her out. Khurani masterfully brings out bias, stereotypes, and cheating in Indian sports through this movie and regardless of whether you like Bollywood or not, this movie is a must-watch, perhaps more entertaining with your family.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 2 and Tech News by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta

Review by Dia Makhecha

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