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The Weekly Focus Edition 77

Russia Ukraine Conflict

Ever since the Soviet Union broke up Russia and Ukraine have had an unsolvable conflict. This battle has seen it all including western influence or ‘help’, militaries barging into each other’s nations, (failed) diplomacy and much more. There have been several moments of worry in the conflict throughout the course of history; right now, the situation seems to be worsening. Kiev warned Russia on Thursday against invading Ukraine, saying it would ‘pay dearly’ for any such attempt. Recently, western information predicts that Russia is going to make a military move into Ukraine. These allegations have come due to the increased border activity on the Russian side. The United States of America has expressed its worries saying it has ‘real concerns’. Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed his thought warning Russia, the top diplomat’s words will not be taken lightly by Moscow. In conclusion, this conflict has taken a bad toll and the question is whether or not this conflict can be resolved quickly.

Coach Dravid: What lies ahead?

After the successful reign of Ravi Shastri and co, India needed a new coach. And who would be a better fit for the role than Rahul Dravid, an Indian cricket legend, with a trophy as a coach already behind his belt after the famous U-19 World Cup victory? Although Dravid's predecessor, Shastri, couldn't manage to win an ICC trophy, he encountered huge success in test matches away from home, having won 2 series down under as well as leading one in England. Dravid will have his eye on the T20 WC next year, as well as the 50 over cup in 2023, which will be hosted by India. He will look to make the most out of any new talent, and will focus especially on team bonding as well as workload management. He has already encountered a dream start to his tenure, having whitewashed New Zealand in the T20 series and is comfortably positioned in the first test as well. Good signs for India going ahead, and one can expect a fruitful next few years for Indian cricket.

Elon Musk wants to avenge the dinosaurs

On Wednesday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission to see if asteroid deflection is a viable option. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, tweeted on Thursday, praising the American space agency. Musk made a huge reference to a cataclysmic event that occurred about 65 million years ago in his tweet. "Avenge the dinosaurs," tweeted the American billionaire. Musk was referring to a catastrophic event that occurred millennia ago when an asteroid impacted Earth, resulting in the extinction of the dinosaur population. Musk's message drew a positive response from his Twitter followers and fans. "For the dinosaurs," said one of the users in a war-cry-like comment. A fellow businessman Charlie Kindel said, “If a human is capable of preventing a bad thing, but doesn’t, it’s negligence. If a species is capable of preventing annihilation by asteroids but does nothing, is the species negligent? I think about this often. See also malfeasance and nonfeasance.”

Other News

  • New South African variant sends countries in panic all over the world, with many nations issuing travel bans as well as lockdowns.

  • A UNICEF report says over 4 million children are not in school in Afghanistan, and over half of them are girls.

  • India will resume Scheduled International flights from 15th December

  • The death toll of an explosion caused in a coal mine in Russia rises to 51

  • Cryptocurrency drops massively as new variant threat emerges from around the globe

  • Defending champions India enter the quarter-finals of the junior world hockey tournament.

  • Pat Cummins announced as Australia’s new Test captain after Tim Paine resigned

  • Manchester United appoint Michael Carrick as their new manager after sacking Ole Gunnar Solskaer due to bad performances

  • Shuttler PV Sindhu loses in the Semi finals of the Indonesia Open

Tech News

  • Samsung to end the Galaxy series and focus on the Z series

  • Reports suggest that Apple may come up with a VR headset

  • WhatsApp web has now gotten a new sticker feature

  • The WhatsApp deleting time limit is going to increase soon

Fact or Fiction

1) When trying to apply logic to a problem, there are many ways to analyse the data. The Venn Diagram is one of those methods and it was invented by a British man named John Venn in 1881. The diagram consists of two or more circles that can overlap, showing how different things can share similar attributes.

2) The dictionary is a very important reference book. In 1623 an Englishman name Henry Cockerham compiled a book that listed the meanings of a variety of words, but only those he considered to be obscure. In 1755 a new and improved dictionary, written by Samuel Johnson, was published. This was updated with modern terms such as plastic, snorkel and bling.

3) James Hargreaves was a spinner and weaver who lived near Lancashire in the UK. In the 1760’s he invented a machine that could spin many threads at the same time, rather that one at a time, which was how it had been for a long time. The machine was called the spinning jenny, and thanks to its speed, it improved productivity in the textile industry.

4) However, the spinning jenny was only the beginning! In 1769, Richard Arkwright advanced the machine to produce a water frame, which was powered by solar panels and could produce much stronger thread. His invention helped begin the factory–based system of production. Arkwright was knighted in 1786 for his efforts.

Dune Denis Villeneuve



Set about 8000 years in the future, Dune is one of the classic sci-fi films. The book was first released in 1965 and after over 50 years, it has been made into a movie. Paul Atreides is the heir to the House of Atreides, one of the biggest and most influential Houses in the System. However, his father is ordered by the Padishah Emperor to move from his home planet, Caladan and go to the spice rich planet, Arrakis. Arrakis has a spice known as melange which is one of the most valuable items in the universe. However, getting it is a challenge because of the giant sandworms burrowed underneath the sand. The previous leaders of Arrakis, the House Harkonnen, are furious and want their planet back. The Duke of Atreides knows this and tries to recruit the warrior-tribe, the Fremen, who stay in the desert and have their characteristic blue-in-blue eyes due to exposure to the spice. Watch as Paul embarks on an incredible journey to find the Fremen and become Duke after a betrayal from one of his men.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 3 by Krishnav Bubna

Review by Saveer Solanki

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta

Fact or Fiction Answers:

1: Fact

2: Fiction (the words plastic, snorkel and bling were invented in the 20th century)

3: Fact

4: Answer: Fiction (his machine was powered by water and not solar panels)

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