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The Weekly Focus Edition 81

Omicron taking over

According to official sources, Omicron has begun to replace the inland delta variant in the number of COVID19 cases, and 80% of travellers who tested positive brought this new variant.

Still, he said, a third of all cases are identified as mildly symptomatic and the remainder asymptomatic. So far, a total of 1,270 Omicron cases have been detected in 23 states and UT, according to Health Alliance data updated on Friday. In the face of a significant drop in COVID19, testing on Thursday, the Center will ramp up "critical" testing in 19 states/UT to rapidly identify positive cases and look into possible migration. The displacement of the Omicron variants increased and it predominates in asymptomatic cases. Since the first two cases of Omicron mutations became known nationally on December 2, the Department of Health has been operating in mission mode, continuously educating the state on measures to limit the spread of infections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also held regular meetings to review COVID19 readiness, Omicron and national health system, and Federal Minister of Health Manusk Mandaviya is currently working with a team of experts and senior officials. He also updated the availability of buffer stock and ventilators and oxygen prior to.

2022 is Starting With a Bang!

The start of 2022 will be characterized by a large asteroid approaching Earth. NASA's classification indicates whether we need to worry. Asteroid YE15 2014, first discovered in 2014, will approach Earth on January 6 from a distance of about 7.4 million kilometres, according to the US space agency. The agency does not consider 2014 YE15 a major threat. On December 29, an asteroid about 149 meters wide was much closer to Earth at an altitude of 3.54 million km. Asteroids appear relatively close to the planet every few days, and NASA will monitor their movements and regularly update the list of five asteroid approaches.

However, that does not mean it can be ignored. Even small ones can cause problems. In 2013, a 20-meter wide asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, releasing energy equivalent to the explosion of about 2,633 atomic bombs. Several buildings were damaged and about 1,500 people were treated for 4,444 side effects of the explosion.

Apartheid fighter Desmond Tutu passes away.

Earlier this week, famous archbishop Desmond Tutu passed away earlier this week in Cape Town. Desmond Tutu played an immensely important role in the anti-apartheid struggle faced by black South Africans, alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela and more. He is the last major anti-apartheid freedom fighter in South Africa to pass away. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 1997 and was repeatedly hospitalized since then. The disease kept spreading throughout the years, and eventually, his cause of death ended up being cancer itself. When Desmond was young, he wanted to pursue a career in medicine but could not afford the education, but that ended up being a blessing in disguise for him, as he ended up going to a theological college, which helped him guide the chaotic voices of the black men during the freedom struggle to unison. Tutu ended up winning the Nobel Peace prize, only the highest award for a freedom fighter in 1984 along with his counterpart Mandela and continued to devote time to the church.

Fact or Fiction

Since we are currently in the holiday season, here are some Christmas and New Year themed Facts this time :)

1) Christmas wasn't always on December 25

2) Gifts have both Christian and Pagan origins

3) Evergreens are a relatively new tradition

4) You can thank Prince George for your Christmas tree

5) St. Nick was more generous than jolly

6) The British gave us the idea to leave cookies and milk

7) Coca-Cola played a part in Santa's image

8) Hanging stockings started by accident

9) Rudolph was a marketing ploy

10) Black Friday isn't the busiest shopping day

11) A bonus fact: New Year’s was originally celebrated on April 1st, until a king changed it, so whoever celebrated New Year’s on April 1st was a fool, and hence the occasion April Fool’s Day!

Other News

  • Legendary Actress Betty White passes away aged 99.

  • Rare wildfires in winter ravage the US state of Colorado, burning hundreds of acres of land

  • As a Covid-19 outbreak hits an Antarctic research station, Covid-19 is once again present on all 7 continents.

  • Over 900 cars burnt in France as a part of the New Year's Eve tradition

  • Germany shuts down 3 of its 6 Nuclear Power Plants in a bid to stop using Nuclear Energy.

  • Quinton De Kock retires from test cricket to spend more time with his family.

  • Squad for South Africa ODIs announced, Rahul named captain, Bumrah Vice-Captain as Rohit misses out due to an injury

  • The Chinese Government bans its football team from getting tattoos, to set a ‘good example’

  • 4 Real Madrid, as well as Atletico Madrid players, test positive for Covid-19

  • Lionel Messi finishes first in the Ballon d'Or rankings for 2021

Tech News

  • The last of the Blackberry OS phones to stop working on January 4th

  • The OnePlus10 Pro rumoured to launch as early as January 11th

  • The 5 tech Giants (Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon and Google) grew by over 2.5 trillion dollars in market value in 2021 alone.

  • Y2k22 bug causes some Microsoft servers to crash worldwide.

Written By Vivaan Dharamshi Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 and 2 by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta


1) Fact

2) Fact

3) Fiction (they are quite old)

4) Fiction (you need to thank Prince Albert)

5) Fact

6) Fiction (it was the Dutch)

7) Fact

8) Fact

9) Fact

10) Fact

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