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The Weekly Focus Edition 96

India’s intriguing foreign policy

It is not often that you see two of the world’s greatest superpowers who fight wars against each other both supply weapons and maintain good relations with a common country. This country is India. In the past India has been closely affiliated with Russia, after the USSR helped India during the war of 1971 against Pakistan, but recently India has aligned itself closer to the west over other geopolitical issues such as the rise of a 3rd superpower, China. With China and Pakistan, two of India’s hostile Nuclear powered neighbors surrounding India, India needed support of a superpower on the continent, hence the relations with Russia. The USA has been of immense importance to India in terms of the Indo-Pacific conflicts with China, and the USA has worked well with India to ensure this. India has also found itself closer to the west because of this, increasing economic trade and relations with countries such as Australia, the UK, France and the USA. India maintains an independent foreign policy at a time where two big sides are forming between the west and Russia and China, which is commendable and beneficial for India and its citizens.

French Presidential Election

After 5 years, the French people will vote once again to decide who should be their next president. The race will be between Emmanuel Macron, the current french president and a left-wing candidate, against Le Pen, an extreme right wing candidate. Macron won the last election against the same rival, Le Pen by a comfortable margin. This time things are sure to be different, with Le Pen modifying her extreme right image, and other extreme right candidate Eric Zemmour took the title as the most radical candidate. Since 2002, no French President has been able to be re-elected, and at the moment the trend looks like it will be a nail biting finish. President Macron has been decently successful with his 5 years in the office, although there are some parts in which he severely missed out on, like being tougher on immigration and stronger economic reforms. France is a Nuclear and Economic power, and whoever gets elected its role in global affairs is a critically important one.

Solar Eclipse to be visible on 30th April

The solar eclipse will be visible on the evening of 30th April in Chile, Argentina, most of Uruguay, western Paraguay, southwestern Bolivia, southeastern Peru, and a small area of southwestern Brazil.

Parts of the northwestern coastline of Antarctica.

In the Atlantic Ocean just off the southeastern coast of South America, including the Falkland Islands and In much of the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. When seeing a partial or full eclipse NASA says that you should solar viewing and eclipse glasses if you want to see it well and clear.

Other News

  • Russia has begun its second phase in its military invasion of Ukraine, enforcing pressure on Ukraine’s southern border.

  • The United Kingdom will reopen its embassy in Kyiv after its success in pushing back Russian troops.

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits India to discuss various political and economic topics.

  • The Ukrainian city of Mariupol recaptured by Russia after Ukraine forces had defended it earlier this month.

  • Russia tests a new ICBM which can hit any target on the planet, with the largest range yet.

  • At the halfway stage, Gujarat Titans top the IPL tables while Mumbai Indians are yet to register a win.

  • Max Verstappen takes pole as Leclerc comes second in the sprint race of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

  • Indian wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya wins 3 gold medals at the Asian championships.

  • Christiano Ronaldo’s newborn son passes away.

  • Keiron Pollard announces retirement from all formats of the international game.

Fact or Fiction

1) Just like every birth month has its own Zodiac sign and jewel, it also has a birth flower.

2) The world’s largest birthday cake was created by the city of Las Vegas to celebrate its 100th birthday. The 130,000 pound, 52-foot wide cake took 600 volunteers to make.

3) In 1997, Paul McCartney’s birth certificate became the most expensive birth certificate in the world, when it sold at an auction for $84,146!

4) The first candles were placed in birthday cakes as a way of honoring the Greek goddess of worship.

5) William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday — April 23, 1616.

6) It turns out, cake isn’t as common a birthday food as you may have thought. In Australia, people celebrate their birthday with fairy bread, a type of sweet bread that’s slathered in butter and sprinkles.

7) In a year since your last birthday:

31,536,000 seconds have passed.

8) The sun has traveled 584,337,600 miles.

9) Your hair has grown nearly five inches.

10) You’ve had close to 1,500 dreams (even if you don’t remember them).

Murder on The Orient Express

Agatha Christie

4.5 stars


A classic whodunnit book by the world famous Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express may seem boring, but is a plot with incredible twists and turns and a story bound to woo you. The Orient Express is a luxury train and is used by dozens of people. Once, during a journey, it stops just after midnight due to a snowdrift. That is when passengers aboard the train notice that they are one passenger short of the train which is usually quite full. The dead man was an American business tycoon and had been violently stabbed in his neck at least a dozen times. His compartment door is also locked from the inside. Luckily for those onboard, Hercules Poirot, the world famous detective is on the train and gets started on the mystery at once. Join him in his venture to find the murderer before he/she strikes again.

Thought for the Day:

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Article 3 by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or FIction by Nikunj Gupta

Review by Saveer Solanki

Fact or Fiction Answers below


1) Fact

2) Fact

3) Fact

4) Fiction (500 hours are uploaded every single minute, not 50 hours every second (that would be a little too much).)

5) Fact

6) Fact

7) Fact

8) Fiction (An astonishing 70% of people find Pinterest helpful in finding the perfect item!).


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