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The Weekly Focus Edition 98

Death In Palestine:

A journalist working for the famous Al-Jazeera was shot dead at the West Bank in Palestine. The Arabic TV correspondent named Abu Akleh passed while covering Israeli Military raids in the northern part of the West Bank. Reports suggest that she was rushed to the hospital in Jenin but could not survive and was pronounced dead shortly after. Additionally, it is known that she was accompanied by other journalists and had a Press Vest on as well. At the same time, another Al-Jazeera correspondent Ali al-Samoudi was also wounded with a bullet. Thankfully, he is now in stable condition. The dean of the medical department at al-Najah University in Nablus was Abu Akleh was shot in the head. According to him, her body was taken for an autopsy after the public prosecutor issued an order. The cadaver was taken out wrapped in a Palestinian flag out of the hospital. An office funeral is organized and set to take place in the Palestinian presidency headquarters in Ramallah.

Finland to join NATO

Finland President Sauli Niinsto told Vladamir Putin that Finland will apply to join NATO, and the official announcement is expected to occur on the weekend. Finland informed Russia about this via call in a professional manner, and Russia in response promised reciprocal trade, military and other forms of repercussions. The first repercussion was felt when Russia cut all electricity to Finland, accounting for around 10% of the total energy received. One of the main reasons for the accelerated bid from Finland to join NATO was the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which in Finland’s words had ‘altered the security environment in Finland’. Sweden is reportedly also set to join the alliance, shedding the neutrality environment after the invasion of Ukraine. This will extend NATO’s reach against Russia, and extend the border shared with their main rival.

Strange 'Doorway' Was Spotted on Mars

The Mars Curiosity Rover, sent by NASA, acts as the eye of the adjacent red planet, which has recently captured something very unusual. The debate about life on Mars has been going on for quite some time. Water was the only evidence that life could exist on Mars, but people were speechless when they saw a door on Mars. A grainy black-and-white image taken by Rover a few days ago shows a door-like structure cut into the rock surface. Netizens quickly assumed that the door was the entrance to a secret base controlled by extraterrestrial life, but the science community took it with just a little salt and burst those plot bubbles.

Other News

  • UAE appoints new Prime Minister after previous PM passed away at age 73

  • Sri Lanka President Gotabaya replaces 4 cabinet ministers amid public pressure

  • Global stocks record a 6th consecutive losing week, the most since the 2008 financial crisis.

  • South Korea to provide North Korea with vaccines and other medical suppliers as North Korea announce their first confirmed Covid-19 case

  • Ukraine refugee count increases to 6 million since the war started

Sports News

  • Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds dies at age 46

  • As the IPL enters the last 10 group games, Mumbai and Chennai are both knocked out of the playoffs race.

  • Liverpool beat Chelsea in penalties to win the FA Cup for the 8th time in history

  • Pat Cummins, Suryakumar Yadav both ruled out of the rest of the IPL due to injuries.

  • Indian badminton team enter the Thomas Cup final for the first time ever after beating Denmark 3-2

Fact or Fiction

1) Your eyes blink around 20 times a minute. That’s over ten million times a year!

2) Your ears never stop growing!

3) Earwax is actually a type of sweat!

4) The tongue is covered in about 10,000 taste-buds, each containing up to 100 cells helping you taste your food!

5) You are about 1cm taller in the morning when you first get up than when you go to bed. This is because during the day the soft cartilage between your bones gets squashed and compressed.

6) If you walked for 12 hours a day, it would take the average person 690 days to walk around the world.

7) The only muscle that never tires is the heart.

8) The entire surface of your skin is replaced every month, which put another way means you have about 1,000 different skins in your life!

9) The body has 2.5 million sweat pores.

10) If you live to age 70, your heart will have beated around 2.5 billion times!

Carve The Mark

Veronica Roth

4.5 stars

Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Set in a galaxy where a ‘current’ grants powers to people, are two characters, Cyra Noavek and Akos Kereseth. They stay on the planet of Thuvhe and meet by some drastic actions performed on Akos’ family by Cyra’s brother, Ryzek. Cyra has a unique currentgift; one that enables her to give others immense pain. Her tyrant ruler of a brother uses this to his advantage and forces her to torture and kill his enemies. But Cyra is more than just a weapon for her brother to use and dispose of; she is a force to be reckoned with. Akos loves his family above all and he would do anything for them, but when they are split apart by the Shotet (Cyra’s nation), he is whisked off to the other side of the planet, where the Shotet rule. The two meet will they be able to help one another or will they destroy each other?

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 1 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 3 by Krishnav Bubna

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta

Review by Saveer Solanki


1) Fact

2) Fiction (It’s actually your ears, not your nose).

3) Fact

4) Fiction (There are only 8,000 taste buds in reality).

5) Fact

6) Fact

7) Fact

8) Fiction (Our skin is actually replaced every month, not every 5-6 weeks and even though they are almost the same thing, it makes a difference in the long run).

9) Fact

10) Fact

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