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  • Why can't I access certain pages?
    Some pages may be member restricted. Sign up or log in if you have already signed up.
  • Why am I not able to login?
    You may have signed in with a different e-mail id. If not, try connecting with google if you had signed in with your google account. If that doesn't work, click forgot password to reset your password or create a new account.
  • Why am I not recieving E-mail notifications after signing up?
    Our e-mails may have gone into the spam box, so you would need to mark our e-mails as safe. if that doesn't work, check your promotions tab as our e-mails may be over there.
  • How do I sign up for collaborations or sponsorships?
    Head to our collaborations tab and fill out our form!
  • How do I report an error in a video or Newsletter?
    If we have made an error in a video or in an article, please mention the same preferably on E-mail.
  • How do I set up my YBU Profile?
    Since the YBU is on Discord, simply refer to the instructions given by the ProfileBot, and set up your profile.
  • What platform is the YBU on?
    The YBU is on Discord
  • Can I join the YBU without downloading an app?
    For a mater of fact, you can join the YBU without downloading an app! Alternatively, you can just sign up for it on your browser, and access it from there! Discord is a free video and messenging platform, which we feel is miles ahead of any other platform, hence we have chosen it to build our community.
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