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The Weekly Focus Edition 106

The INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant, the country's first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier has been commissioned. This increases the total operational aircraft carriers possessed by India to 2, from 1. The INS Vikrant will join the INS Vikram Aditya, which was commissioned in 2013. This is India’s first aircraft carrier entirely designed by India. This is the second INS Vikrant, with the first one being decommissioned in 1997 after playing an important role in the wars against Pakistan in 1971. The ship can accommodate 30 fighter jets and helicopters, and has a 16 bed hospital as well. The ship was set to be commissioned earlier after 13 years of development, but the commission date was delayed multiple times. 76% of all the parts were sourced from over 500 Indian companies, and hence this aircraft carrier can be called “indigenous”. This is a huge positive for India’s goals to boost our defense capabilities, and is a symbol of modern India’s power.

2024 Elections

Even though the Lok Sabha elections are 1 and a half years away, they have already started heating up. With many regional or state parties coming up to the big leagues and heavyweights forming alliances, and the BJP looking unpredictable and with the day-by-day campaigns; this election will be crucial for India in many ways. Firstly, India is now in a new stage expanding and growing its global influence by the minute any decision by the new government can be crucial.

Additionally, with a possible and now very likely energy crisis hitting Europe causing possible recession the times can and will be testing for any nations. Lastly with, a unique foreign policy and backlash from the Russia-Ukraine war the new government can face a whirl of problems. At the same time, the Bihar Chief minister recently stated that the opposition will unify after the news of 5 out of 7 Manipur MLA’s joining hands with the BJP. The Trinamool Congress a fierce critic and competitor of the Modi-Shah government is looking stronger by the day. Many battles to be won and a huge spot at stake this race is looking to be nothing but extremely competitive and exciting.

Serena Williams plays her final tennis game

Serena Williams said on Friday she would not reconsider her decision to retire from tennis, but added, "You never know," after suffering an arguably career-ending defeat. A 23-time Grand Slam title winner and a six-time champion in New York, in the third round she lost the duel 7-5, 6-7 (4/7), 6-1 .

When asked by her on-court interviewer whether she would likely continue her career, she replied, "I don't think so, but you never know. It's been a fun ride," she said. "It's been the most incredible ride and journey I've ever been on, I mean, in my life.”

"I'm just so grateful to every single person that's ever said, 'Go, Serena,' in their life. I'm just so grateful. You got me here."

Williams gave special credit to her parents, Richard Williams and Oracene Price, for guiding her and her older sister Venus into superstardom.

"It all started with my parents," Williams said. "They deserve everything, so I'm really grateful to them." Williams also paid tribute to her sister, who was watching from the stands.

Serena Williams has won 23 grand slams in tennis, the second highest of all time and highest in the Open era of tennis. She has 4 Olympic gold medals, 73 WTA titles, and has been the No.1 player of the world for a whopping 319 weeks in total. Her statistics are mind boggling, and it is safe to say she is the greatest tennis player since the open era, and possible of all time.

Other News

  • India overtakes the UK to become the 5th largest economy in the world

  • Former Prime Minister Gotabaya Rajapaska who was ousted after protests returns to Sri Lanka

  • The Last USSR President Mikhail Gorebechov dies at the age of 91, he was known for ending the Cold war between the USSR and USA.

  • The UN releases a statement saying the acts against the Uighurs conducted by China may be classified as crimes against humanity.

  • Over one third of Pakistan has been submurged after flooding, over a 1000 deaths have been reported.

Sports News

  • Max Verstappen takes the pole position at the Netherlands Grand Prix after his teammate brought out a yellow flag in the last minute of Qualifying.

  • Oscar Piastri will replace Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren at the end of this F1 season

  • Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan qualify for the Asia Cup Super 4 round.

  • India beat Pakistan in a thrilling encounter last Sunday, to face off again today.

  • FIFA lifts its ban on the All India Football Federation after a change in the board.

Fact or Fiction

  1. A boy called a tow truck because his hot wheels got damaged.

  2. A waffle iron inspired one of the first pairs of Nikes.

  3. The world’s first novel ends mid-way.

  4. Elton John was a bartender.

  5. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne started Apple Inc. on April Fools’ Day.

  6. The word “aquarium” means “watering place for cattle” in Latin

  7. A coffee maker was sent into space in 2015.

  8. Mozart only knew how to add and subtract.

  9. Your brain synapses shrink while you sleep.

  10. There were carrots in the eyes of an Egyptian Mummy.


Book Name: I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Author: Erica Sanchez

Age Rating: 14+

Rating: ★★★★★

Review: I know I often exaggerate during my book reviews, but this novel is worthy of the praise it's going to receive. Easily in my Top 5 Favorite Books of All Time, Sanchez’s words play games with the thoughts in your mind- soft power, it's called. Stuffed within congested roads in a rural part of Chicago, the book begins with the main character, Julia, losing her older sister due to a car crash. This unravels the plot as Julia discovers secrets inside her Perfect Sibling's bedroom, and so the story unfolds. From rich boys, gay best friends, parents that just don’t get it, Mexican heat, Mexican tortillas, and gasping for good SAT scores, Sanchez’s novel brings in an honest, emotional point of view to the storyline. You’ll find yourself enraptured between the pages of this book- I know I was, as I read it through the night and in the morning (genuinely). Julia’s struggle with mental health and life as a whole wraps up this masterpiece, leaving a sentimental reader in tears- and every single reader with ambiguous thoughts.

Written by Vivaan Dharamshi

Edited by Nirvaan Zaveri

Article 2 by Arhaan Zaveri

Article 3 by Krishnav Bubna

Review by Dia Makhecha

Fact or Fiction by Nikunj Gupta


  1. Fiction (The real story was a woman calling the police about her ice cream not having enough sprinkles, but having a hot wheels towed is equally hilarious).

  2. Fact

  3. Fiction (It ended mid - sentence, but at least it’s more than half way).

  4. Fiction (It was President Abraham Lincoln, but imagine how Elton John would have been!)

  5. Fact

  6. Fact

  7. Fact

  8. Fiction (The correct musician is Beethoven).

  9. Fact

  10. Fiction (There were onions, although carrots are also a plausible item).

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